Do you think Yoona chose long hair or short hair?

yoona short hair

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona reveals which one she’d choose between long hair and short hair. Let’s see with us below!

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona could be a world-class visual, and as is commonly the dilemma of her fans, she herself was asked to decide on between how she looks with short hair and her visuals with long hair!

Yoona recently shot a pictorial with Y Noblesse Korea, and also sat down for a keyword interview with them on their Youtube channel, and answered questions sent in by fans!

One of the questions she was asked was to settle on having short hair…

yoona short hair

…medium-length hair…

…or long hair, and Yoona was at an absolute loss!

“That’s a tough one…If I’ve got short hair, I need long hair, and if I’ve got long hair, I need short hair. When it’s short, I feel a medium-length is pretty.

[Right now] I believe it’s attending to that medium-short hair length.” —Yoona

yoona short hair

After thinking it over a small amount, Yoona ended up choosing long hair, since she’s currently sporting a shorter haircut!

“Since it’s short without delay, I need to possess longer hair!” —Yoona

yoona short hair

With longer hair, Yoona seems like a goddess, but she’s equally stunning with short hair moreover, so we understand her dilemma perfectly!

yoona short hair

Watch her discuss it here!

Here is Yoona’s vlog about cut hair progress.

“Goodbye long hair👋🏻 First day of becoming Jisoo (ft. Hershey Cut)”

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