Do you think Secret disband?

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Do you think Secret disband? Today, Xenews will show you everything related to this! Are you expected to know that! Get ready! 

Knowing More About Secret Members

Regrettably disbanding in 2018, Secret may be a girl group whose songs will remain timeless thanks to their catchiness. Debuted under TS Entertainment in 2009 with four members, Secret is formerly called ‘basement idols’ thanks to the poor living condition in their period of time which soon improved after they hit big with their dual singles “Magic” and “Madonna,” still because the follow-up songs like “Love Is Move,” “Shy Boy,” “Starlight Moonlight,” and “Yoo Hoo” which garnered massive attention from the overall public in Asian nation and other countries. Not only as a team, but each Secret member also found their success in individual careers as actresses, singers, and vloggers, making them versatile celebrities compared to other disbanded groups.

Secret’s Disbandment and Discord News

Secret eventually disbanded after the departure of its leader Hyosung and main vocalist Jieun in March 2018. before the group’s disbandment, its youngest member Sunhwa had already left in 2016 as she decided to not extend her contract with TS Entertainment. Currently, the sole Secret member who is signed under TS Entertainment is Hana, whereas Jieun is in an exceedingly legal dispute as her contract has been claimed as invalid in March 2018 yet she isn’t allowed to try to do other activities unless she wants to be sued by the agency.

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Long before the official disbandment, Secret had been within the news for discord within the group. In June 2015, Sunhwa tweeted a screencap of Hana saying on a broadcast that Sunhwa’s drinking habit was because she had plenty of problems with the globe. Sunhwa clarified within the tweet, “Three years ago, I drank once or twice with the members, and that I was upset with my blank paper image at the time so I talked about it with them, but I suppose Hana took that as me having problems with the world~” and added, “Oh, we only drank once.”

Pic 2 - Do you think Secret disband?The tweets soon blew up and gained different reactions from netizens. Many folks sided with Sunhwa, “From her perspective, she was probably confiding in them seriously, but Hana took it as her having problems with the globe and just said it aloud on a broadcast; she sounds upset. I’d be a small amount upset too,” whereas the remainder accused Sunhwa of getting the actress disease and has been since desperate to leave Secret, “Can’t they resolve this through Kakao Talk? Why openly write stuff like this on SNS? She’s just telling the globe that she features a bad relationship together with her members??? Does her contract expire soon?” and “Even that tweet feels like she wrote it while pissed and drunk… I believe their relationship is much beyond recovery at now.”

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As the leader of the group, Hyosung clarified the discord rumor within Secret when she appeared on MBC’s Radio Star, “When she posted the tweets, I used to be working. However, once I saw it later within the evening, it really surprised me.” Hyosung explained that Sunhwa’s tweet isn’t directed at Hana but rather a clarification of Sunhwa’s drinking habit. On the opposite hand, Sunhwa stated that Secret was still personally precious to her during her interview in May 2017, “Even though [the members and I] are in numerous agencies now, I still hope there’ll be an opportunity within the future where I will be {able to| I’ll} able to promote with them again.”

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