Do you think Lee Soo Hyuk undergoes plastic surgery?

Cover - Do you think Lee Soo Hyuk undergoes plastic surgery?

Do you think Lee Soo Hyuk undergoes plastic surgery? Do you want to be expected to discover her truth and story? Let’s discover with Xenews! 

The Handsome Model-turned-Actor Lee Soo-hyuk

Lee Hyuk-soo, known more popularly as Lee Soo-hyuk, maybe a South Korean actor and model under the agency YG Entertainment. Lee Soo-hyuk became popular for his roles in several dramas that established him as a troublesome and masculine guy. He’s one of every of the foremost successful actors in Korea, and he’s even walked the runways for J. Anderson, Balenciaga, and Juun.J for Paris Fashion Week and Seoul Fashion Week. He established his acting career within the past five years by playing in movies and dramas.

Recently Lee Soo-hyuk has been the speak the media for his suspected surgery and his mandatory military service. For more about Lee Soo-hyuk, Xenews gives this text for you!

Did Lee Soo-hyuk Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Pic 1 - Do you think Lee Soo Hyuk undergoes plastic surgery?

His appearance at an occurrence back in 2017 shocked many folks. Not thanks to anything that he did during the event, but thanks to the drastic change in his appearance. The media almost couldn’t recognize him. One news outlet in Korea reported that this drastic change is because Lee Soo-hyuk changed his hairstyle and he lost plenty of weight.

Lee Soo-hyuk, who is typically seen with a charismatic, slicked-back hairstyle, disappointed his bangs for a softer look. However, that’ wasn’t the sole that was different about him. Fans noticed that the actor, who is understood for his sharp, masculine appearance, looked far more gentle in photos from the event. A comparison between earlier photos of Lee Soo-hyuk and photos of him from the event seems to indicate a small change within the actor’s eye shape and nose, which has led to a softer appearance than fans are wont to.

Pic 2 - Do you think Lee Soo Hyuk undergoes plastic surgery?

Many of his fans and followers speculate that Lee Soo-hyuk has undergone surgery to change his body and muscles. His arms looked so brawny, with a superbly cut muscle, and his six-pack abs are amazing and are bound to attract attention. The change was a transparent hint towards a surgical transformation, but he’s never admitted having any surgery and said that “I am totally original, and this is often a result of heavy workout and exercises”.

Compared to his earlier photos, Lee Soo-hyuk appears to possess a small change within the shape of his eyes and nose, reports Soompi, giving him a milder look than fans are wont to see. Some news channels are reporting that the change in his appearance is mere because of a diet that resulted in weight loss.

According to the Latest cosmetic surgery, some netizens are suggesting that the actor used botox to extend his facial mass. Botox may be a common treatment for wrinkles, because of its instant effect and almost immediate recovery. However, in his case, the injection rumor apparently occurred because he looked more chubby than normal in his latest photos.

Lee Soo-hyuk contains a naturally angular face, some netizens couldn’t believe that the fuller look was just a result of weight gain. They speculate that the actor underwent a round of botox injections to fill his face. Other outrageous rumors also include surgery to change the form of his mouth.

Lee Soo-hyuk was called “the chief of the cold handsome”, and he was popular for his cold look, paying homage to a vampire. He was famous for the strong, dark circles around his eyes which seem to be gone, now, leading many to believe this is often a result of having work done.

Although there are numerous speculations about his sudden change, his agency didn’t give a politician comment regarding this matter. Many of us expressed disappointment, while others supported the change.

Lee Soo-hyuk went through similar rumors, years ago. He was very young when he started his modeling career, and his body was very slender and lacked muscle. His slim physique didn’t look perfect in a number of the heavy suits, which may well be a drawback in his modeling career. Later, in 2010, when he appeared in “The Boy from Ipanema”, he was transformed. Many of his fans were stunned to work out how he had filled out.

Here are some photos to indicate the changes in his looks:

Pic 3 - Do you think Lee Soo Hyuk undergoes plastic surgery?

Pic 4 - Do you think Lee Soo Hyuk undergoes plastic surgery?

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