Do you think Irene’s age will be trouble in her career?

Cover - Do you think Irene's age will be trouble in her career?

Do you think Irene’s age will be trouble in her career? This news made her fans worried so much! Let’s discover the truth!

Age is usually seen as a crucial factor that influences the career of the idols. Red Velvet debuted in 2014 with four members and Irene is that the oldest among the women. She was born in 1991 (in the identical age as SNSD Seohyun). Right from the beginning, the netizens were curious, “Why did Irene debut so late?” Normally, the feminine idols will debut between the ages of 16 and 21so that they need enough time to develop throughout their career. But in Irene’s case, she debuted at the age of 24, three years later than the common debut age. By 2020, Irene will turn 30, which could be something that Red Velvet and SM must consider soon.

After four years of being active, Red Velvet has achieved some certain success. Irene has also become the new goddess of Kpop. The question is, will Irene stay in Red Velvet after she turns 30? and the way would Red Velvet be without Irene?

Clearly, if Irene wasn’t a member of Red Velvet, she would still be able to continue her artistic career through acting, CF, etc. Besides, if Red Velvet didn’t have Irene as a member, they’d suffer from a big loss. it’s because that Irene is claimed to be the foremost famous one within the group. But that ought to not be considered a priority as each member of Red Velvet contains a relatively stable fan base. In terms of profession, Irene’s contribution to the group seems to not be highly appreciated, so Red Velvet may be said to be able to work with the opposite four members.

At the instant, the long run of Red Velvet and Irene is still unpredictable, making Reveluv worried. However, they need to be strong in any situation and keep supporting women in the future.

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