Do you the car accident of iKON’s Jinhwan and Junhoe?

Chronology of iKON’s Jinhwan and Junhoe car accident! Let’s check with us!

In mid-2020, there was a chunk of bad news for K-Pop fans, especially iKONICS. Two members of the band, Jinhwan, and Junhoe, who were on their thanks to one amongst their schedules at that point, had an accident. Luckily, they reportedly failed to get seriously injured and only had minor injuries as a result of the accident. However, the massive iKON fans are still curious and doubtful about the main points of the accident; they’re questioning how could this happen, and whether the motive force who drove the car wasn’t careful or negligent at that time?

In this article, we are visiting to discuss in additional detail the data and therefore the chronology of the accident involving iKON’s Junhoe and Jinhwan, whose cases are dropped at the police so as for the source of the accident to be discovered. Was there some intentional element behind this or was it purely a traffic accident? Well, instead of waiting too long, it’s better to test the total content of the article below and learn more about the chronology and therefore the latest state of iKON’s Junhoe and Jinhwan!

iKON’s Jinhwan and Junhoe’s Car Accident Was thanks to Driver’s Fault

A piece of shocking news came from two iKON members, Koo Junhoe and Kim Jinhwan. the 2 idols that debuted under YG Entertainment had a car accident on Monday, July 13th, 2020. Koo Junhoe and Kim Jinhwan were known to be riding during a van when the accident occurred. In step with local media, on July 13th, 2020, at 3:40 a.m. local time, the van they were traveling in slipped within the rain and hit a wall on a dual carriageway.

The location of the accident itself was discovered on a dual carriageway in Namhae, South Gyeongsang Province where they were on their way from Sacheon to Namhae. After the accident occurred, the three van passengers who had the accident received treatment at the closest hospital for his or her minor injuries.

It was later revealed that the identities of the three passengers within the van were Koo Junhoe, Kim Jinhwan, and therefore the non-celebrity “A” driver. The van driver is additionally known to possess been drunk when the accident occurred. “We believe it absolutely was an accident when it had been raining which was caused by drunk driving,” said the local police. “We are within the process of investigating to seek out exactly what the circumstances were like at the time of the accident.”

Until this news was written, YG Entertainment because the agency of iKON has not provided a press release regarding the accident experienced by Koo Junhoe and Kim Jinhwan. Fans also hope that they only suffered minor injuries as written within the news.

Meanwhile, iKON made their first comeback with a 6-member line-up in February 2020 with their album I DECIDE. This was Bobby and their friends’ first comeback after B.I left the group. After the promotion period for the album I DECIDE ended, the members revealed that they’re performing on their next album straight away. The group, which debuted in 2015, wants to right away present new works to fans.

YG Entertainment Responds To Their Condition

YG Entertainment released a politician statement on July 14th, 2020, regarding a car accident involving Junhoe and iKON’s Jinhwan as passengers. The agency explained in additional detail about the accident and apologized. YG Entertainment stated, “We have confirmed that the vehicle with several iKON members in it had an accident on July 13th, 2020, on Route 3 from Sacheon to Namhae. The injuries suffered by driver A moreover because the members (iKON) were minor per the doctor, and after receiving emergency treatment, they’re currently resting at the dorm.”

“Our agency feels deep concern and great responsibility regarding the accident, which comes despite strict internal regulations on (alcohol) driving. we’ll perform a radical internal investigation and take appropriate steps, and driver A will cooperate faithfully within the investigation. We sincerely apologize.”

Earlier, on July 13th, 2020, Kyungnam Citizens’ Newspaper published a report stating that at around 3:40 a.m. KST that day, a van skidded on a wet highway and hit a wall. The van was traveling from Sacheon to Namhae. it absolutely was reported that Jinhwan and Junhee and driver A had minor injuries and were receiving treatment at a close-by hospital. The police discovered that A had been drunk driving and that they were investigating the incident.

Pictures of the Car Accident and therefore the Scene of the Crime Surfaced Online

In order to follow abreast of the increasingly widespread coverage of the accident experienced by iKON’s Junhoe and Jinhwan, the following piece of stories that have been released by the media provides more information about the chronology of the accident. it absolutely was reported that they were driving a car driven by a drunk person. Following the report, photos from the crime scene were released by Yonhap News.

According to reports, Jinhwan and Junhoe were found as passengers of a van that skidded in the rain and hit a wall on a freeway. The three of those that were within the vehicle reportedly suffered only minor injuries. On July 14th, 2020, Yonhap News revealed photos of the crime scene. The Namhae local department revealed that they’ll perform an investigation into the driving force who had a blood-alcohol level of 0.08 percent. At that level, the Testing Permit may be revoked.

After various chronological processes that were sought out by the police, all the evidence of the accident has been collected and related parties also will further make sure of who was guilty of driving and causing the accident thereon day. Previously, YG Entertainment also issued their official statement that iKON’s Junhoe and Jinhwan didn’t experience a significant accident and that they have returned to the dorm to undergo outpatient care and just rest after the accident. The minor injuries suffered by the 2 members who both have positions because the Vocalist of the Group have previously been rushed to the closest hospital from the accident and immediately received treatment there.

Updates About iKon’s Jinhwan and Junhoe’s Condition

On September 15th, the boy group from YG Entertainment celebrated five years since their debut in 2015 with their debut single “My Type.” They celebrated with a live V Live broadcast, content like selfies, a special video titled ‘My Type’ Live Video where the members sing and chat about their memories, and far more.

The next day, iKON shared a bunch photos on Instagram and wrote, “We promise to always be a supercar which will run FOREVER with the love of iKONICs. Even 50 years, 100 years, 900 years from now, we are going to still be together on September 15th.”

Jinhwan wrote a message on Instagram, “9/15 iKON’s 5th birthday. Congratulations iKONIC & iKON.”


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He also shared a brief video of himself via Instagram story wearing a hat from their party on V Live and wrote, “Always support us.”

Junhoe wrote, “It’s already my fifth birthday. thanks to any or all of you.”


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Donghyuk wrote on Twitter, “Happy five years, iKONIC. thanks for always being by my side. I love you all.”

He wrote the identical message on his Instagram story and added, “I really miss you,” in Korean, and “love you and miss you.”

Chanwoo wrote via Instagram story, “Thank you for wishing iKON a contented fifth birthday ~~~~ Happy birthday too, iKONIC !!! Love.”

Yunhyeong uploaded a funny video on Twitter and wished him a cheerful birthday within the caption section.

Apart from that, iKON has also uploaded a brand new video to their YouTube channel planning something for his or her fifth debut anniversary. within the video, all iKON members are in a very meeting together to create plans about re-creating the method of constructing their debut single, “My Type,” in an acoustic version.

While doing the flashback, each member sang live at the studio in addition as recorded their activities together while within the studio. Besides that, iKON also shared their process of recording during their early debut, which currently has reached five years since their debut as iKON.

Besides that, after the accident experienced by iKON’s Junhoe and Jinhwan, they still had time to upload a number of their content on their personal Instagram @juneeeeeeya and @gnani_____. Let’s take a glance at a number of their recent posts on Instagram!

iKON’s Junhoe’s latest Instagram update (@juneeeeeeya)


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The photo uploaded on September 22nd, 2020, shows the shadow of Junhoe walking under the bridge. The golden hour within the afternoon added an aesthetic impression to the uploaded photo and also the view of the blue around it made another dramatic impression. The post, which doesn’t show Junhoe’s face, has received 348,540 likes so far.


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On September 15th, 2020, Junhoe also uploaded a photograph of his white and cute dog sleeping soundly. The photo caption reads, “It’s been 5 years since our debut. many thanks all.” and also the photo managed to induce 352,115 likes and a number of other comments within the column which wrote a heartwarming message and support from the fans for this happy day.

On September 9th, 2020, Junhoe also had time to upload a photograph with very neat handwriting. The photo reads the caption, “I miss you all.” With several comments writing the meaning of Korean poems written by Junhoe so international fans can interpret the upload properly. The post has managed to induce 412,754 likes thus far.


“Though i’ll not complete all the gorgeous parts of the globe, i will be {able to|i’ll} not be able to complete all the attractive parts of the planet, but the wonder of every place makes me forget that love is mine, and my steps have gradually been relieved as soon as I reach you, but your steps are still lingering in many footprints, Hwacham Night, and slowly change state.”

iKON’s Jinhwan’s latest Instagram update (@gnani_____)


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In the black and white photo uploaded by Jinhwan on September 14th, 2020, the caption reads his gratitude to the loyal fans who are with them from their debut to their 5th anniversary. There are many comments of support for the member and also best wishes to iKON likewise. Jinhwan’s latest upload on his Instagram managed to urge 504,340 likes.


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On September 9th, 2020, Jinhwan uploaded his photo to Instagram with the caption, “Are you guys doing well, iKONIC?” Just to greet his fans in between his busy schedule that day. The photo of Jinhwan wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt with a singular motif, and his new curly hairstyle looked even fresher at that point. Jinhwan’s upload has received 557,779 likes until today.


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The photo that Jinhwan uploaded on July 2nd, 2020, on his Instagram was enough to create fans surprised because they saw the looks of the iKON member topless showing his abs and muscular body to his fans. The photo was taken on his vacation in Jeju as written within the photo caption. Meanwhile, the photo has managed to urge plenty of likes from fans, namely as many as 739,863 likes to the present day.

It would seem that each activity and also uploads of iKON’s Junhoe and Jinhwan after the accident in July 2020, indicates that they’re in good shape and prepared to attend every schedule and their future promotions.

Well, that’s the whole news about the car accident involving two of the iKON members, namely Junhoe and Jinhwan, in July 2020. News like this is often not something that fans are normally awaiting, but they’re grateful that their favorite idols are in an exceedingly safe state with none serious injuries. Therefore, let’s still provides a lot of support and like to iKON and also to Jinhwan and Junhoe. We hope they’ll remain strong in completing their every activity going forward and still achieve success for a long-lasting and fruitful iKON career!

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