Do you remember the cast of Dream High 1?

Cover - Do you remember the cast of Dream High 1?

Do you remember Dream High 1‘s cast? I believe you will be surprised when seeing them at this time! Are you ready to see them? 

Do you still remember the favored Korean teen musical drama, “Dream High 1”? The two-month run of the show was indeed unforgettable and was definitely loved by many teenagers that it reached eighteen to a simple fraction of viewership ratings. thanks to its fame, no wonder that the respective projects and activities of the first casts are still supported by their fans whether or not nine years had already passed.

This teenage drama series was broadcasted from January 3 to February 28 in 2011, which talks about six high school students from Kirin high school who dreamed of becoming K-pop idols. apart from its plot, one in all the explanations why the drama got several support from the audience was due to the amazing lineup of casts, introducing six rising stars of 2011; Kim Soo Hyun, MissA Bae Suzy, IU, 2PM Taecyeon, and Woo Young likewise as T-Ara Eun Jung.

Since Dream High 1 was released then, it eventually became one of every of the foremost loved teenage drama series in Korea. thanks to its popularity, “Dream High” even launched a Season 2 for the drama; however, a brand new set of characters and casts were introduced.

Nine years later, thanks to the quarantine and lockdown, K-drama fans are looking back to the dramas that captured their hearts way previously and one among the foremost memorable is “Dream High.” Thanks to this, fans can not help but wonder, “Where are the initial casts now?”

In this regard, here are the initial cast of “Dream High” Season 1 and what are they up to as of now:

Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong

Pic 1 - Do you remember the cast of Dream High 1?

After the success of Dream High, Kim went on and dominated the Kdrama world. He was even chosen as Gallup Korea’s Actor of the year in 2014. With such a lot of success, he’s currently the highest-paid Korean actor for 2020. he’s considered as a top Hallyu star, and a licensed CF star. Not only that, but Kim is additionally the richest celebrity in Korea as of now. His current show, “It’s Okay to Not be Okay” is additionally in the limelight because it receives such a lot of love from international fans.

Bae Suzy (Go Hye Mi)

Pic 2 - Do you remember the cast of Dream High 1?Suzy eventually dreams high as her name skyrocketed not only in Korea but everywhere the globe. She has been named because the first Korean female celebrity to win a singer rookie award, drama rookie award, and film rookie award.

Her performances in “Uncontrollably Fond” with Kim Woo Bin and “Vagabond” with Lee Seung Gi have brought her to become a top Hallyu star. Suzy is currently filming the drama “Startup” wherein she’s visiting to play the role of an aspiring businesswoman alongside Nam Joo Hyuk.

Ok Taecyeon (Jin-guk/Hyun Shi-hyuk)

Pic 3 - Do you remember the cast of Dream High 1?

Taecyeon continues to dream higher not just as an actor but as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He’s very fluent in English, Korean, and Japanese. In Japan, Taecyeon encompasses a pool of supporters. because of fame in Korea, he even gave up his American permanent residence visa. And well, it had been a wise move as he’s now among the “act-dol” whose both successful as a singer-rapper of 2PM and an actor.

Plus, he has developed the character of “Okcat”, a green-colored cat character, to the general public and opened an Okcat shop. The drama, “The Game: Towards Zero” with Lee Yeon-hee was his most up-to-date project which ended last March.

IU as Kim Pil Sook

Pic 4 -Do you remember the cast of Dream High 1?At an early age, the love for entertainment is already in IU‘s blood. Her passion for singing grew bigger when she was just in Gymnasium. Though her first album wasn’t really successful, it made her humble and appreciate her staff therewith unfortunate events and moved her to achieve success.

She even had doubts about her acting when she was cast for dream high but because the drama went on, she enjoyed the general experience. She is currently filming “Dream” with Park Seo Joon, which is about to be released next year, 2021.

Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee

Pic 5 -Do you remember the cast of Dream High 1?

She debuted as a member of T-ara in 2009, but has gone solo as Elsie together with her mini-album “I’m Good.” “Dream High” was her biggest break and “golden era” and opened doors for other projects where she was the most role including “Micro Love” and “Missing 2” likewise as she also starred within the drama series “Sweet Temptation,” “Sisters-in-Law” and “Lovely Horribly”. 

Jang Woo-young as Jason

Pic 6 - Do you remember the cast of Dream High 1?Woo Young is another cast coming from K-pop group 2PM, along Taecyeon. He debuted as an actor and began his acting career in Dream High 1. His last television drama, “The Miracle” was aired last 2013. except for acting, he continued as a performer but took a hiatus when he was enlisted within the military in 2018.

However, because of the pandemic, he was discharged early within the military in February 2020. Currently, he’s still not revealing his upcoming projects or series, but who knows what is going to the longer term be for Jang Woo-young, both as an actor and a singer.

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