Do you remember Kal So-won?

Cover - Do you remember Kal So-won?

Do you remember Kal So-won? I believe so many people will be surprised when seeing her at this time! Are you ready to meet her again?

Child actress Kal So Won is now a young fine lady!

On the 19th of February, YG Entertainment unveiled new sets of photos showing the attractive actress Kal So Won. it absolutely was after the agency revealed that the young actress had signed an exclusive contract with them.

YG Entertainment Welcomes Kal So-won in Their Family

As Kal So Won‘s new home agency, YG Entertainment, showed to the general public the actress’ profile and behind-the-scenes footage filming through YG Stage and through her pictorial for her new project. The 15-year-old artist made a shocking appearance together with her exceptional and natural beauty. From a cute female and now to a young rising star, Kal So Won indeed will have a bright future ahead.

Kal So Won projects her perfect young visuals that may captivate the eye of the many. Her charm will be easily seen with just an easy curve on her lips, that sweet smile of hers is inevitable to not notice. From her fresh look, she was ready to show innocence and purity.


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Meanwhile, after revealing her beautiful photos, netizens were amazed by how she grew magnificently. She was just the young adorable girl within the famous Korean film ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ who caught the hearts of the international audience for her amazing performance at a young age, to now, as a full-grown actress who is prepared to require new challenging roles for her future works.

Kal So Won’s Humble Beginnings and former Projects

Kal So Won made her acting debut within the 2012 SBS drama “Take Care people, Captain” and already made it on the silver screen as she played the daughter of Yong Gu in “Miracle Cell No.7” as Ye Seung. This movie made people burst into tears, who were greatly laid low with the inspiring and noteworthy story of a father and daughter relationship. it absolutely was released in 2013 and was able to achieve over 12 million viewers, and has become one of the foremost famous movies in the Asian nation. Since then, Kal So Won was recognized within the industry.


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Aside from movies, she also appeared within the dramas like “Secret of the Birth,” “Medical Top Team,” “My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol,” “Glamorous Temptation,” “Doctors,” “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” and “A Korean Odyssey.”

YG Entertainment is predicted to support the young actress in her acting career and also shared that they need not decided yet on a project but will certainly make plenty of opportunities for his or her newest members.

You can watch Kal So Won‘s singing performance below!

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