The New Musical Romance From SBS Do You Like Brahms? Unveiled New Stills Of Kim Min-jae And Park Eun-bin's First Meeting

SBS’s upcoming Monday and Tuesday drama Do You Like Brahms? is set inside a prestigious music university and follows a group of young aspiring musicians, centering on the story of a world-renowned piano prodigy and a violinist with a business degree. As they nurture their young, blossoming romance, the two also struggle to pursue their passion in music and achieve happiness in life. The series is based on the story of German composer and pianist Johannes Brahms who was in love with Clara Schumann for the longest time. However, Clara was the wife of Robert Schumann, Johannes’ friend and mentor. The story aims to depict the dreams and hopes of love of classical music students. Kim Min Jae will star as world-renowned pianist Park Joon Young, while Park Eun Bin will play Chae Song Ah, a violinist who sets out to pursue her love of music later in life than her peers. They come from completely different worlds. Those worlds collide for the first time at an orchestra rehearsal. Chae Song Ah is seated at the end of the row of violinists due to her low scores, while Park Joon Young is seated is a place visible by the audience, highlighting the contrast between the two musicians. Read more: Upcoming drama Do You Like Brahms? released a preview video for the first episode! Tears are visible in Chae Song Ah’s eyes as she clutches her violin, worried that she will lose the spot she worked so hard to get. Park Joon Young raises his head in mild confusion as he watches the scene unfold. Viewers are curious about whether or not Chae Song Ah will be able to keep her spot in the orchestra as well as how Park Joon Young will react to the situation. Do You Like Brahms? is led by Ryu Bo-ri and director Jo Young-min, who previously collaborated in the short youth series Everything and Nothing (2019). The series is scheduled for broadcast beginning August 31 at 10 p.m. KST, taking over the time slot previously occupied by Good Casting. If you want to update the newest of drama, please check out for more.