Do you know what K-Pop idol daily schedule is like?

What’s the way of life of a median K-Pop idol like? The daily schedule of STAYC shows just busy K-Pop idols are

The things we see in the media usually show us the glamorous side of being a K-Pop idol within the industry. Performing for scores of fans, traveling the planet, appearing on TV shows, and etc.

But if you have been dreaming of pursuing a career as an idol, you would possibly want to bear in mind that your daily schedule is perhaps visiting be plenty more intense than the one you’ll have already got. Or if you think that your schedule at the instant is intense because it is, it isn’t visiting get any easier.

Girl group STAYC is one every of K-Pop’s newest rookies at the instant in 2020 who are generating plenty of noise from the K-Pop fandom community.

Having recently debuted with ‘So Bad’ on November 12th, they have been receiving lots of compliments on how they’re so skilled in every aspect of performing, despite being fresh rookies into the scene.

But since they’re rookies, it also does add up that they’d go quite hardcore when it involves maintaining their form.

So here’s what it’s like within the existence of STAYC.

Wake Up – 10 AM

Time to rise and shine.

How much sleep do the members get? Adequate sleep is vital to function, right? Bedtime is twelve midnight for STAYC members.

English Lessons (10 AM – 11 AM)

Since K-Pop isn’t any longer just a market that’s dominant in South Korea, learning English seems to be quite an important element when it involves training idols.

This way, they will communicate with their international fans and provide overseas interviews still.

Speech Lessons (11 AM – 12 PM)

Lunch Time (12 PM – 1 PM)

Everyone’s gotta eat right?

Yoga (1 PM – 2 PM)

To keep the body and mind healthy.

Vocal Lessons (2 PM – 5 PM)

Since their career requires much singing, obviously they’d just practice it.

Dinner Time (5 PM – 6 PM)

Again, gotta eat right?

Private Lessons (6 PM – 7 PM)

Each member probably has certain private lessons that they soak up in addition to only vocal and dance.

Dance Lessons (7 PM – 11 PM)

Since the girl group members are visiting be giving plenty of performances and shooting videos, dancing is maybe one among the foremost crucial element that they really want to target.

This is why they begin at 7 PM and practice until 11 PM.

Wrap Up (11 PM – 12 AM)

After a protracted day, you’ve got to urge able to make out again tomorrow. it is best that they finish off and confirm everything’s so as to right?

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