Do you know what Huening Kai loves when he arrived in South Korea?

huening kai

What was South Korea like for TXT Huening Kai when he first arrived? Check it out right now below!

TXT member Huening Kai is one of the foremost popular K-Pop idols of the new generation.

Having lived within the U.S, China, and the Republic of Korea, Huening Kai includes a multi-cultural background, making him all the more unique within the industry. 

His father is American of German descent and his mother is South Korean.

Huening Kai’s father, Nabil David Huening, also was a famous artist in China yet.

Huening Kai’s father
Huening Kai’s father
huening kai
TXT’s Huening Kai

So what was the Republic of Korea like for Huening Kai when he first arrived within the country at a young age?

Since Huening Kai moved around from country to country during his childhood, it actually took him ages to regulate South Korea.

He revealed that he was quite shy as a young child, and stayed home until the second grade. Huening Kai also stated that his teacher during that point became slightly upset because he was still learning the language and didn’t understand how to use the honorific form that’s utilized by younger people after they speak to older people.

He stated:

“My teacher was mad at me because I couldn’t speak Korean within the polite form and was so out of place. I felt really lost. Luckily some classmates started to reprimand me. After I felt adjusted, I started speaking up and tried to create some friends. At that point, I kept asking myself what I used to be even doing there. due to all the love from MOA after our debut, I became a more positive, energetic person.”

huening kai

In addition, being the youngest member of the group, he adorably revealed a perk that comes together with being the maknae of the group.

Huening Kai stated:

“When I used to be a trainee, I believed I’d be stuck doing many things because I’m the youngest, but actually, it means I can act cute, and also the other members prefer it that way. If I’ve got some concerns about my team members, I can discuss them with the staff, like, “I’m in such-and-such a situation; what should I do?” so get some advice for lecture the members about it.”

It seems that he’s doing extremely well at the instant.

You can try his film camera video below!

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