Do you know these K-Pop idols wear hip pads on the stage?

K-Pop idols caught wearing hip pads: From BLACKPINK’s Jennie to Fiestar’s Jei. Learn more the details with us below!

Learn more about K-Pop idols who wear hip pads to induce the hourglass look

When it involves performance, K-Pop idols have plenty of interesting things they are doing on stage. they need to form a group passionate about what they show and keep fans glorified about their performances. Not only that, there are various trends from K-Pop idols that make them appear different than usual.

One of them may be a fashion trend that may be noticed by many of us. Besides diet, some female K-Pop idols were also caught having a brand new look while using hip pads to urge the hourglass look. does one comprehend it? If you’re curious enough about these female idols who wear hip pads, ensure you don’t skip any of the knowledge within the article below!


jennie hip pads

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is the idol who has been the foremost noticed, she sounds like she has an hourglass look together with her perfect body.

On several occasions, BLACKPINK’s Jennie is seen to possess a tiny low waist and curved body that appears so perfect. In one of the photos shared on the web community, it had been seen that she wore hip pads which look natural and well-placed.


lisa hip pads

Fans have also noticed that it’s not only BLACKPINK’s Jennie who wears hip pads while functioning on stage. Another member of BLACKPINK, Lisa, also clothed to possess worn this fashion item to urge an ideal body figure.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa was considered one of the thin members of the group, so so as to induce an hourglass look, she was once suspected of wearing hip pads during a performance.

TWICE’s Nayeon

nayeon hip pads

K-Pop idols must meet the characteristics of an hourglass, especially when it involves K-Pop female idols. TWICE, the hitmaker of “Dance The Night Away”, also has members who were seen wearing hip pads on the stage.

TWICE’s Nayeon features a body figure that’s practically perfect, but on several occasions, she has also worn hip pads which made her hips curvier.

TWICE’s Momo

momo hip pads

Hip pads are literally quite common to idols and their stylists. Some members in one group have also had the chance to wear hip pads, a bit like TWICE’s Momo.

She originally contains a curvy-slim body, such a lot of fans praised her appearance and appearance. to satisfy the wonder standards of a K-Pop idol, TWICE’s Momo was seen looking a touch curvier than usual and fans assumed that she wore those on stage.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi

seulgi hip pads

SM Entertainment is legendary for having female idols whose beauty is above average. they provide many treatments to their idols to induce an ideal appearance.

No exception with the employment of hip pads worn by Red Velvet’s Seulgi. Some people say that those worn by Red Velvet’s Seulgi don’t seem to be very stable because they create her small body look different and appear a small amount strange.

Fiestar’s Jei


Fiestar is understood as a K-Pop girl group that has had a horny concept since its debut. while they need to disband, fans still remember one of all their sexiest members, Jei.

To get an ideal hourglass look, Fiestar’s Jei has also worn hip pads when performing. As you’ll see from the image above, she already contains a perfect small waist and uses them to induce a curvy hips effect.

Well, that was all the knowledge about K-Pop female idols who have worn hip pads. they really have already got an ideal body line, therefore the use of them to induce a curvy look isn’t a slip in the least. Let’s keep sending support and don’t hate any of those idols due to their appearance. If you wish this text, don’t forget to share it on your social media, and stay tuned for more, interesting upcoming articles from Xenews!

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