Do you know the Sweet Home’s cast?

Cover - Do you know the Sweet Home's cast?

Do you know the Sweet Home’s cast? I believe this information will be made you guys surprised! Get ready with Xenews!

Netflix’s “Sweet Home,” starring Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young, Lee Do Hyun, and more, created a significant buzz in December 2020.

Based on the thriller webtoon of the identical name, the dystopian K-drama follows the story of a gaggle of individuals living in one residence in hopes of surviving the catastrophic situation.

Seven months after the highly anticipated premiere, a rumor sparked that the mega-hit horror series is ready to return for season 2.

Earlier in July, multiple outlets cited that “Sweet Home 2” is going to be happening after industry representatives shared that the Netflix drama is ready to start production in December 2021.

In addition, reports also revealed that the second season aims to be released in 2022.

However, Netflix Korea released an announcement saying that “nothing has been decided yet regarding the assembly of Season 2.” Despite this, fans expressed their excitement and can not help but gush over the rumored sequel.

Just just in case you’re missing the Sweet Home cast or can’t watch for the sequel, take a look at how the cast members do this 2021.

Song Kang

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The South Korean heartthrob played the timid and loner high school student Cha Hyun Soo in K-drama “Sweet Home.”

In his previous interview, he revealed that Johnny Depp’s character in “Edward Scissorhands” reminded him of his role, mainly thanks to their strange features.

Dubbed because the “Son of Netflix” thanks to his numerous drama with the streaming giant, Song Kang landed on another Netflix series after “Sweet Home,” including “Love Alarm 2.”

Now, the 27-year-old actor is currently starring in JTBC’s “Nevertheless” with Han So Hee.

In addition, he’s also in talks to hitch Hallyu star Park Min Young, Yoon Park, and Girl’s Day’s Yura within the new romance drama “Meteorological Agency People: The Cruelty of Office Romance.”

As for Song Kang Instagram update, he recently appeared in GQ Korea and collaboration with Prada’s Spring / Summer 2022 collection.

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Lee Jin Wook

The 39-year-old versatile actor transformed into the mysterious Pyeon Sang Wook, who was mistaken as a gang leader in “Sweet Home.”

After his impressive performance within the hit Netflix series, he’s set to seem in various dramas and films.

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Lee Jin Wook recently made a quick cameo in “Voice 4” and reprised his role as Do Kang Woo.

In addition, he’s also in talks to guide the upcoming fantasy k-drama “The Immortals,” along with Kwon Na Ra, Lee Joon, and more.

Moreover, he also will return to the massive screen with the star-studded cast of the movie “Happy twelvemonth.”

Lee Si Young

Pic 4 - Do you know the Sweet Home's cast?Who would forget the stunning visuals that Lee Si Young gave in “Sweet Home,” where she played the role of a former firefighter Seo Yi Kyung?

Currently making waves on TikTok along with her huge following, the retired boxer turned actress will tackle the role of a former senior agent Teresa Lisbon within the action-thriller drama “The Mentalist.”

Lee Do Hyun

Pic 5 - Do you know the Sweet Home's cast?

The doting brother turned Green Homes resident leader, Lee Do Hyun‘s “Sweet Home” character is Lee Eun Hyuk.

After filming the dystopian drama, the 26-year-old star starred in KBS’ “Youth of May” opposite his “Sweet Home” co-star Go Min Si.

Now, he’s confirmed to star in “Melancholia” alongside Im Soo Jung and is rumored to guide the action drama “The Hounds” with Kwang Dong Yeon.

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