Do you know the Sweet Home monsters?

Cover - Do you know the Sweet Home monsters?

Do you know the Sweet Home monsters? Are you excited and expected to see it? Today, Xenews will show it. Get ready to discover!

These monsters definitely enhanced the fear factor, making the whole series one of every of the scariest watch this year!

Sweet Home succeeded in scaring viewers with its dystopian setting, complex characters, graphic visuals, and life-like monsters. the mix of those elements made for pleasing, albeit frightening, and (for some) revolting, experience.

While we applaud the actors for his or her excellent portrayal of their respective characters, there’s little question the non-human cast also deserves some of the spotlights. In Sweet Home, monsters appeared to have condemned all of the Republic of Korea. Those clinging to their humanity, apart from the military, banded inside the Green Home Apartment complex. this is often where the final word battle for survival takes place. and therefore the residents (as well because the viewers) come face to face with these monsters.

For people who haven’t or are yet to read the webtoon, we bet you’re interested by the small print on these monsters. allow us to know more about these supporting “actors” that send chills down our spine all throughout the series.

Blind Monster

Also called the Lotus Root Monster. part of its head is interrupted and therefore the remaining part resembles a lotus root. This monster now does not have eyes, making it blind. However, despite its blindness, its excellent hearing enabled it to locate potential victims.

Pic 1 - Do you know the Sweet Home monsters?

Tentacles Monster

An arachnophobe’s worst fear, coming to life. Also called the Spider Monster, it’s ready to move swiftly and simply through vents and walls with its nimble legs.

Pic 2 - Do you know the Sweet Home monsters?

Protein Monster

As if facing a large isn’t scary enough, this monster added more muscles to its frame. A former human whose desire is to own more muscles, the Protein Monster is robust and might cause serious harm.

Pic 3 - Do you know the Sweet Home monsters?

Tongue Monster

One of the primary monsters to possess killed a Green Home resident, this encompassing a retractable and intensely long tongue. It grabs and drains the insides of its victims and he appears to be a hospital patient before becoming a monster.

Pic 4 - Do you know the Sweet Home monsters?

Eyeball Monster

Its appearance may fool you but this monster actually has several eyes. It can stretch its neck and it stalks the Green Home residents.

Pic 5 - Do you know the Sweet Home monsters?

Making the Sweet Home monsters: behind the scene

Still curious about how these monsters come to life? Netflix released a video clip revealing a close story on how Sweet Home breathed life into these fictional beings. The actors couldn’t help but express astonishment at the making of those monsters. See their reactions and also the monster-making process within the video below:

Stream Sweet Home on Netflix to work out these amazing and hair-raising monsters in action.

Here are the Sweet Home monsters! Don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean drama news with us every day!