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MAMAMOO member Hwasa is currently one of every of the foremost talked-about K-Pop idols within the scene, but it is not just fans who adore her that make her the topic of their conversations, but also the those who dislike her similarly that are busy trying to spread their hate for her.

In fact, the K-Pop idol has been held during a few controversies within the past for the apparel that she wore during awards shows, with some netizens expressing their discomfort along with her revealing outfits. Some have even gone as far as criticizing her body and physique.

Hwasa recently appeared on SBS’s ‘We Will Channel You’ and displayed how she felt when hearing that several people were criticizing her for wearing revealing clothing on stage.

She specifically talked about how some people were saying that she was taking clothes off just to do and become famous.

Hwasa stated:

“I was more confused than hurt by the comments because from my perspective, I’ve always been the identical person, from before debut and up heretofore. and every one of a sudden, people began forming this opinion about me. But also at the identical time, I actually understand why people feel uncomfortable once they have a look at me.”

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She spoke about her experience and encounter with people who wore see-through clothing braless and was stunned herself during that point. She asked herself if it had been something that was socially acceptable, which seems to be a giant reason why she also understands people being uncomfortable or critical of what she wears.

As Hwasa stated, it’s understandable that some people might not be comfortable with revealing clothing. She confessed to herself that she was uncomfortable when seeing people wearing extremely unconventional attires.

But what seems to be a serious issue currently is that the proven fact that many netizens are leaving malicious comments about her body. Body-shaming could be a serious issue in not just K-Pop but in the Republic of Korea yet. Expressing discomfort is one thing, but downright attacking the looks of an individual is certainly not an act that ought to be condoned in any society. what number of times have we seen both male and feminine idols within the industry being verbally attacked by even a number of their own fans if they seem to possess gained some pounds? within the past few years, we have seen several including CL, YoungJae (GOT7), Wendy (Red Velvet), Kyla (PRISTIN), and some more who were victims of body shaming.

On the opposite hand, a number of the standard fans of K-Pop have argued that a slim body is an integral beauty standard of K-Pop, a prerequisite that an idol should have because it is a component of the duty.

But the actual fact is, it’s very clear that K-Pop is not any longer confined to the scopes of Asian nations and has become a world phenomenon, meaning that certain traditions that are shunned upon by the planet should start being recognized and weeded out. In a sense, by holding on to the old traditional values of K-Pop, the movement itself would directly go against the efforts of individuals trying to assist the globe to realize that it’s alright to embrace yourself the way you’re, ultimately being destructive to itself furthermore.

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Hopefully, Hwasa is ready to help South Korean society separate from narrow beauty standards through her activities as a K-Pop idol.

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