Do you know the story of Go Hyun Jung?

Cover - Do you know the story of Go Hyun Jung?

Do you know the story of Go Hyun Jung? I believe you guys will be shocked when knowing that! Are you expected? Get ready with Xenews!

About Go Hyun-Jung’s Relationship along with her Ex-Husband

Go Hyun-Jung could be a South Korean actress. She is thought because of the highest-paid actress on TV after the success of her role within the series Queen Seondeok and Daemul. She retired after marrying the chaebol (businessman) Chung Yong-jin in 1995. Chung Yong-jin may be the son of the chairman of Shinsegae Group, Lee Myung-Hee, and a grandson of Samsung founder Lee Byung-Chull. Meanwhile, Chung Yong-jin himself is that the chairman and CEO of Shinsegae Group.

Pic 1 - Do you know the story of Go Hyun Jung?

Hyun-Jung’s marriage with Chung Yong-jin only lasted eight years. She divorced him in 2003. Their divorce was controversial because Hyun-Jung lost complete custody of her children. Not just that, Shinsegae announced a ruling stating that none of its department shops would be allowed to display any material associated with Go Hyun-Jung, including any of her product endorsements, two years after their divorce.

Until now, Shinsegae Group remains not showing any Go-related material. Even when she was chosen as a model for Lancome products, Shinsegae shops didn’t show Go Hyun-Jung’s face in Lancome’s booth. Shinsegae used a distant model rather than Go Hyun Jung to get on the promotional poster for Lancome products.

Hyun-Jung also still cannot meet her children. That’s why Hyung-Jung said to the media that one in each of the explanations she continues her acting career is to form her children see her on television and in cinemas. while she can’t meet her children, a minimum of her children can see their mom.

Hyun-Jung’s Dating Rumors After Divorce

Pic 2 - Do you know the story of Go Hyun Jung?According to the knowledge, we gathered, Go Hyun-Jung is perhaps still single. She once had a rumor about having a special relationship with Jo In-seong who is under the identical agency as her, IOK Company. The rumor appeared once they were both at the airport in Japan. there have been such a lot of pictures taken after they both spent their time within the boarding lounge.

But, shortly after the rumor was spread, IOK Company released a confirmation that Hyun-Jung and Inseong weren’t in dating. IOK said that they both visited Japan on business and discovered it at the Japanese airport on the thanks to Seoul. The rumor of their relationship is unfounded.

As Go Hyun-Jung doesn’t have any social media, we can’t easily fathom her personal life. She probably wants to concentrate on her career now and doesn’t want to be involved in a very love relationship. All we will do now’s support her.

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