Do you know the story between Kim Kang Woo and Han Moo Young?

Cover - Do you know the story between Kim Kang Woo and Han Moo Young?

Do you know the story between Kim Kang Woo and Han Moo Young? They are a Korean drama couple, which made netizens excited. Let’s discover!

Actor Kim Kang Woo met his future wife Han Moo Young at a bar when he was out drinking with a friend.

“I knew right away that she was the one I had to marry,” he told

They celebrated their mutual attraction that night by sharing some bottles of soju.

“She can drink a lot,” he said. “She said beer was too weak and drank soju.”

They finished five bottles of soju between them and had their first kiss that very night. Although they wasted no time getting to the first kiss, the couple did not rush their relationship. They dated for seven years before their June wedding at Myeongdong Cathedral in 2010. They were both 32 when they married.

Kim Kang Woo‘s wife is not a celebrity. She runs an online shopping site. But she is no stranger to celebrities. Her sister is actress Han Hye Jin, who was last seen in the drama “One Warm Word.” Han Hye Jin‘s husband is a soccer star, Ki Sung Yeung.

A year after they married, Kim Kang Woo and Han Moo Young welcomed their first child, a son. Kim Kang Woo has said that he’s a devoted dad.

After he starred in the film “Taste of Money,” an interviewer asked him what money tasted like. He said it was sweet because when he got paid, the money went to feed his little boy.

“It’s true there’s nothing sweeter for me,” he said. “Money tastes sweet like that every day.”

The actor is not only a devoted dad but he’s a kind brother-in-law. Han Hye Jin once spoke glowingly about her brother-in-law on an episode of “Healing Camp,” describing the way he helped the sisters cope with the funeral arrangements when their father died. She said that she was grateful that a person like him had become part of their family.

And he’s a respected actor, having appeared in almost two-dozen films. He is best known for the films “The Railroad,” Le Grand Chef” and “The War of Flowers.” He won the 2007 Best Actor award for his role in “The Railroad'” at the 2nd Torino Film Festival in Italy.

In 2013 he starred in five films, including “Marriage Blue” and “Go.” His most recent drama role was rookie prosecutor Kang Do Yoon in “Golden Cross.”

In the upcoming film “Gashin” the actor will play King Yeonsangun, who has been described as the worst king in the Joseon dynasty. He was so cruel and ruthless that his people eventually overthrew him. Joo Ji Hoon has been cast as his two-faced servant and ultimate nemesis.

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