Do you know the shocking news of Black Swan Kpop?

Cover - Do you know the shocking news of Black Swan Kpop?

Do you know the shocking news of Black Swan Kpop? I believe you will be surprised and excited when knowing this news! Get ready with Xenews!

Black Swan has officially made its debut on the 16th of October 2020. There has been news spreading that the multinational girl group has only sold 14 copies of their album.

The girl group swan consists of Korean, Belgian, and Brazilian nationalities.

As stated by the group’s agency DR Music, their album Goodbye Rania was successfully released through various music sites at 6 PM KST on the 16th of October 2020. The famous overseas composers Melanie Fontana and Michelle Lindgren Schulz produced the group’s pop-dance style title song Tonight.

Low Album Sales

According to the Hanteo charts of South Korea, the album didn’t move on any music charts. this can be even after every week of their debut. On the primary days of release, the album only sold a complete 14 copies.

It was also noted that the group didn’t hold any music shows, which was likely why they didn’t get enough promotion to sell their album copies. There was follow-up information that said that since no prior notification of sales was available, it’s presumed that the girl group only sold 14 copies altogether and not just on the primary day of album sales.

Regarding the album sales, the corporate has not provided accurate information. Fans are getting down to speculate this number of “14 albums” from the final public’s report from chart websites, etc. Either way, with the figures stated, fans were disappointed.

For people who do not know about the group

The five-member girl group Cygnus atratus consists of Hyeme (Korea) from the girl group RaNia, Youngheun (Korea), also a former member of RaNia, Judy (Korea), Fatou (Belgium), and Leia (Brazil).

The leader of the group is Youngheun. She is that the lead vocalist and leading dancer of the group. Furthermore, Fatou is that the group’s main rapper and leading dancer. She will be able to speak English, French, Dutch, German, and Korean.

The third member of the group is Hyeme, and she or he is that the main vocalist of the group. Also, Judy is that the vocalist, visual, and lead dancer of swan. Last but not least is Leia, the vocalist, lead rapper, and maknae of the group.

As revealed by their agency, the group can speak various languages ​​such as Korean, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and French and thus will become global ambassadors of K-Pop.

In July, the group was commissioned as ambassadors for Pyeongchang-gun. This was before the official debut of the group.

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