Do you know the relationship between Seo In Young and Crown J?

Cover - Do you know the relationship between Seo In Young and Crown J?

Do you know the relationship between Seo In Young and Crown J? I believe you guys will be surprised when knowing that! Get ready to discover! 

Details About Seo In-young and Crown J’s Controversy

Seo In-young and Crown J were one in all the couples who participated in the first season of the virtual marriage program We Got Married on MBC. But now it seems that there’s controversy surrounding this couple! everyone seems to be curious to understand what the fuss is all about when it involves these two! Before we discover out, let’s take a glance at each of their profiles and see what we are able to learn…

Who is Seo In-young?

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Seo In-young, also called Elly, maybe a singer, dancer, model, television host, and actress who was born on September 3, 1984. She wont to be a member of the Korean girl group Jewelry and he or she worked under Star Empire Entertainment. Later, she established her own private entertainment company, IY Company in 2012, but she transferred back to Star Empire Entertainment in 2016.

This shining star has been releasing a flood of albums and singles since 2007, including Elly is So Hot, Elly is Cinderella, Lov-Elly, Ellythm, Wash, and lots of others. Besides working as a singer, she also actively participated in TV programs like We Got Married, Heroes, Immortal Songs 2, and more. As if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she also became the host of the sweetness program Star Beauty Show and has been the most voice coach for Voice Korea Kids.

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Let’s Get to grasp Crown J!

Pic 2 - Do you know the relationship between Seo In Young and Crown J?Crown Jewel, often known by his nickname Crown J, could be a rapper who was born on November 12, 1979, and given the birth name Kim Kye-hoon. He studied abroad within u. s. when he was younger, and he wont to attend the University of Santa Monica until he transferred to UCLA. He majored in Economics, but he had to travel back to Korea so as to meet his mandatory military service.

After he finished his military duty, Crown J began to develop an interest in music. He made his debut by releasing an album titled ONE & ONLY back in March 2006. shortly after, he released his second album Miss Me? in 2007 and gained mainstream popularity after starring in We Got Married with Seo In-young the following year. the 2 of them later were called ‘Ant Couple’ and released a digital single titled an excessive amount of together.

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Seo In-young and Crown J in We Got Married

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Seo In-young and Crown J were one in all the initial couples within the first season of We Got Married. Other couples featured that first season included Alex Chu and Shin Ae, Shinhwa’s Andy and Solbi, and who could forget Jung Hyung-don and Saori? Our famous lovebirds got the nickname ‘Ant Couple’ by the fans of the tv program.

Even though the couple indeed gained popularity for his or her appearances on We Got Married, it wasn’t always for the most effective of reasons. one amongst many things that made the 2 of them so well-known was Seo In-young’s temper. In an episode of Mnet’s 4 Things Show, Seo In-young read comments about how she acted on We Got Married. One in every one of the people that commented said that if he had a girlfriend like Seo In-young, he wouldn’t be ready to spend even one hour along with his girlfriend. Ouch!

Reading this, Seo In-young laughed and admitted that she actually felt the precise same way when she watched the program herself. She also confessed that she felt really sorry about how she treated her virtual husband, Crown J. Later she actually called him to apologize for the way she’d acted while they were together on We Got Married. Impressive!

What does one consider this? Were you furthermore might horrify about how Seo In-young acted on We Got Married?

Controversy during With You Filming

Pic 4 - Do you know the relationship between Seo In Young and Crown J?After wrapping up their virtual marriage on We Got Married, Seo In-young and Crown J reunited once more some years later! It seems they didn’t get enough of every other the primary time around. now they starred on another virtual marriage program called With You, which was aired on JTBC. Unfortunately, an issue surrounding Seo In-young emerged during their appearance on the program.

It was said that a video showing Seo In-young verbally assaulting a With You employee was circulating at that point. due to this controversy, Seo In-young received plenty of backlash from the show’s fans. Eventually, it got so bad that the couple’s appearance on the program had to finish. Because of the results of these critics and their comments, Seo In-young closed herself far from the globe and wasn’t active on social media for quite a very long time.

Her agency defended her by saying that what actually happened is sort of different from what the video seemed to show. Their statement said that she didn’t curse out a particular individual, but rather was simply publicly expressing her anger overall. However, they also stated that it’s wrong for entertainers to curse on set and went on to mention that Seo In-young was currently reflecting on her mistakes. Meanwhile, her virtual husband, Crown J, defended her by saying that Seo In-young was under lots of stress herself at the time. He pleaded to everyone, especially netizens, to not be too critical of her and reminded everyone that despite her superstar celebrity status, Seo In-young is human too.

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