Do you know the queen of Kpop?

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Do you know the queen of Kpop? I believe so many people will be surprised by this news! Get ready to discover this with Xenews!

This year, Kingchoice’s ‘Queen of Kpop 2020’ chart has had a chance at the highest position.

KingChoice is understood as a world voting website famous for the international Kpop community. Besides the poll for ‘King of Kpop 2020’, which was just announced last month, many fans also are very curious about the vote for ‘Queen of Kpop 2020’. this can be where fans can vote for the Kpop female idol they believe she deserves to be called the ‘Kpop queen’ of that year.

Finally, the poll ended on November 15 with the best-ranking female idols announced. Specifically, this year, in additionally to the change at the best position, we also witnessed the ‘internal competition’ of a female group for the best ranking.

#20: AILEE – 4328 points

#19: TZUYU (TWICE) – 5120 points

#18: YERI (RED VELVET) – 5389 points

#17: SEULGI (RED VELVET) – 8297 points

#16: SOYEON ((G)-IDLE) -10830 points

#15: NA YEON (TWICE) – 11619 points

#14: IU – 13746 points

#13: HWASA (MAMAMOO) – 14327 points

#12: HYUN A – 18945 points

#11: WENDY (RED VELVET) – 20453 points

#10: JIHYO (TWICE) – 27298 points

#9: JOY (RED VELVET) – 38618 points

#8: CL – 40469 points

#7: JEONGYEON (TWICE) – 64709 points

#6: IRENE (RED VELVET) – 89775 points

#5: JIYEON – 113140 points

#4: ROSÉ (BLACKPINK) – 425478 points

#3: JISOO (BLACKPINK) – 526692 points

#2: JENNIE (BLACKPINK) – 4316424 points

#1: LISA (BLACKPINK) – 4621542 points

Thus, this year the title of ‘Queen of Kpop 2020′ has been changed from Jihyo (Twice) to Lisa (BLACKPINK). The feminine idol had 7,773,366 upvotes – a reasonably high number within the votes for female idols on KingChoice. This upvote number is over Jennie in second place with 7,206,068 upvotes.

Congratulations to all or any of the Kpop female idols who entered this chart.

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