Do you know the meaning of BTS’s Jungkook tattoos?

BTS Jungkook’s 10+ tattoos and the meanings behind them. Let’s check with us!

Last summer, BTS‘s Jungkook achieved his teenage dream of getting a tattoo. He didn’t stop at only one though. He now has quite 10! Here’s what each of Jungkook’s tattoos might mean, in step with fans.

1. ARMY + J

Jungkook has several hand tattoos. “ARMY” is for BTS’s fandom, but it also contains R and M for RM and “Min Yoongi” (Suga). The “A” in ARMY is an inverted “V” for V, and therefore the “J” is believed to represent Jin, Jimin, and J-Hope.

2. Purpleheart and 0613

Although Jungkook hasn’t confirmed any of its tattoos’ fan-given meanings, the guts are taken into account an expression of Jungkook’s everlasting love for his members and fans. “0613” is BTS’s debut date, June 13, 2013.

3. Crown and smiley face

The crown may sit down with BTS’s status as Kings of K-Pop. The smiley face may well be Jungkook’s favorite emoji or just a stylistic detail.

4. Shield

The shield on Jungkook’s hand is ARMY’s logo. It’s interesting to notice that he chose to tattoo ARMY’s logo instead of BTS’s!

5. “Rather be dead than cool”

On his forearm, Jungkook encompasses a crossword tattoo. The vertical lettering within the design says, “Rather be dead than cool”, which may be a quote from the Nirvana song “Stay Away”.

During a live stream in April 2018, Jungkook mentioned what quantity he loves this phrase. It’s his life motto!

6. “Make hay while the sun shines”

The horizontal phrase within the crossword is far harder to work out clearly, but it made a short appearance in BTS’s “ON” MV.

“Make hay while the sun shines” is an old proverb that urges listeners to seize the day.

7. Skeleton hand and black stripes

The skeleton hand has its pinky and index fingers pointed up in a very classic “rock on” gesture, and it’s believed to be an extension of Jungkook’s “Rather be dead than cool” ink. The stripes next to that closely resemble the stripes on South Korea’s flag, geon (건), which means “justice”.

8. Tiger lily

According to fans, this tattoo represents Jungkook’s birth flower, the tiger lily.

The words behind it, “please love me”, are the tiger lily’s meaning within the language of flowers.


This text was spotted by fans within the “BTS Focus” version of the “Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima” MV.

Although it’s difficult to form out, some believe it says “TRUTH”, which Jungkook’s GOT7 friends Mark and Yugyeom even have tattooed within the same spot.

10. Tiger

Fans spotted this tattoo in BTS “ON” MV. Although it’s difficult to form out, it appears that Jungkook may have a tiger tattooed on his arm. In Korean symbolism, tigers are good luck symbols that represent courage and pride.

11. New tattoo on his arm

BTS made their comeback on May 21 with the new smash “Butter,” which broke a slew of records in terms of YouTube views and dominated the Korean digital music charts. Seven members also went live to interact with fans. However, Jungkook’s arm became the foremost talked-about topic. BTS’s maknae wore a white short-sleeved T-shirt that exposed his arm, which is stuffed with many huge drawings. during a country like Korea, where people still look down on tattooing, Jungkook is receiving lots of criticism for his personal passion.

When Jungkook began to tattoo more and more, even covering his arms with big tattoos, Korean netizens get shocked. many folks prefer Jung Kook’s innocent and attractive image, making it difficult to just accept a male idol with a rebellious image, even many think it is “rude.” many of us have criticized the large Hit idol’s tattoos for being excessively large, and disturbing.

Jungkook loves tattoos and has been in scandals thanks to this habit. In 2019, BTS’s maknae was criticized for revealing too many tattoos on his hands while they were symbols for fans. there have been even rumors that Jungkook was dating a female tattooist. the corporate and insiders both denied it, but this scandal still affected Jung Kook’s famous “golden maknae” image.

Jungkook got into scandal with a female tatooist

Fans, on the opposite hand, believe Jungkook’s preferences should be respected. When he appears before the media, the male idol likewise wears a long-sleeved shirt to cover his tattoo, only displaying it when he goes on a personal live stream with the group. Jungkook’s fans have applauded him for becoming more sophisticated and trendy, almost line European performers.

Some netizens’ comments:
“I’ve done it, so I do know it hurts a lot”
“What’s wrong with many of us, Jungkook can do whatever he wants”
“Jung Kook’s tattoo contains a lot of meaning. Many other artists also get tattoos, it’s not just him. I don’t understand why you have got to be embarrassed for him?”
“They don’t look good at all”
“If you guys hate tattoos, then stop reading articles like this”
“He’ll regret it later”

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