Do you know that Kim Go Eun is the most special “lover” of Lee Min Ho?

Lee Min Ho revealed as many “hints” as when he was entangled in dating rumors with Kim Go Eun. Learn more about the details below!

Kim Go Eun is one of the famous 9X actresses on the Korean screen. The actress born in 1991 confirmed her name through many works like “Goblin”, “The King: Eternal Monarch”, “Yumi’s Cells”, etc. Despite not having a customary Korean beauty, Kim Go Eun still exudes a special charm, because of which she became a Chanel ambassador, and at the identical time the foremost special “muse” of Lee Min Ho, surpassing both beauties Park Min Young and Suzy.

kim go eun

Greet the cinema with 18+ works, the deviant beauty continues to be the “muse” Chanel

Kim Go Eun started acting in 2012 when she was 21 years old. At now, the actress passed 300 people to play the muse in 18+ A Muse. Although the film was controversial, it brought Kim Go Eun 9 major awards, including the simplest Actor award at the 49th Golden Bell and Best New Actor at the 33rd Blue Dragon – 2 awards. the foremost prestigious award of Korean cinema. After that, Kim Go Eun continued to “destroy” the Korean screen with the flicks “Cheese within the Trap” and “Goblin”.

kim go eun
Kim Go Eun in “Cheese In The Trap”
kim go eun
Kim Go Eun in “Goblin”

Kim Go Eun has never been a highly appreciated beauty within the show business, but she exudes a special charm. Inline with many viewers, Kim Go Eun has single eyelid eyes, a pregnant face that’s off from the quality of double eyelids, a V-line chin, and a high nose bridge in Korea.

The actress said she once said she was hurt by criticisms of her appearance and negative rumors. However, she chose to say herself by acting, not with “cutlery”. And indeed, it had been Kim Go Eun’s monolid eyes and a bright sunny smile that captivated countless audiences.

Kim go eun
Kim Go Eun encompasses a slightly pregnant face, 1-lidded eyes and a not-so-high nose bridge – all of which are deviant and delightful in Korea.
kim go eun
However, that doesn’t mean that Kim Go Eun is a smaller amount beautiful
kim go eun
She exudes a great unique charm that’s both elegant, luxurious, and mysterious
kim go eun smile
Besides, Kim Go Eun’s sunny smile also “cut the hearts” of the audience
kim go eun
Kim Go Eun “cute” when she was a baby

With her strange beauty and chic and opulent style, Kim Go Eun has become a reputation wanted by many directors, magazines and massive brands. the luxurious fashion house even chose Kim Go Eun because the brand ambassador within the Korean region, next to the 2 famous YG stars, Jennie (BLACKPINK) and G-Dragon (BIGBANG).

Kim Go Eun isn’t beautiful by Korean standards but still becomes a Chanel ambassador:

kim go eun chanel

kim go eun chanel kim go eun chanel

Surpassing Park Min Young – Suzy, becoming Lee Min Ho’s most special girl

Before getting held in rumors of a “fake movie” with Lee Min Ho through the movie The King: Eternal Monarch, Kim Go Eun dated a 17-year-old actor – Shin Ha Kyun but broke up after only a brief time. She was also involved in dating rumors with Gong Yoo, but both companies denied it.

However, the rumor that Kim Go Eun is dating Lee Min Ho is… strange, due to the reaction of the insider. Since the film has not finished filming, the couple has continuously had a sweet “chemical reaction” on screen and behind the scenes.

kim go eun lee min ho
Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun are the favorite couple within the King: Eternal Monarch
kim go eun lee min ho
The couple constantly acts “lovingly” behind the scenes
kim go eun lee min ho
Kim Go Eun gently “kiss” Lee Min Ho, but Lee Min Ho’s cheeks and lips were pulled up to his ears.

Most especially, Kim Go Eun is additionally the sole girl who has Lee Min Ho posted photos on Instagram, which the actor’s two former lovers Park Min Young – Suzy didn’t have. Even the male screen god revealed that he had pasted a photograph in love Kim Go Eun within the room, additionally as her phone wallpaper.

Even when Lee Min Ho was fixed in dating rumors with Yeonwoo (MOMOLAND), the couple still revealed dozens of obvious “hints”. With this “evidence”, netizens all hope that Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun are really a pair, they’ll soon make their relationship public at some point.

Besides his mother, Lee Min Ho has never uploaded any girl photos on his personal Instagram. Kim Go Eun is the only girl whose photo was posted by the actor, even writing a “sweet” caption: “I saw my hand holding hers.”

lee min ho kim go eun
Cre: Lee Min Ho Instagram
lee min ho kim go eun
Cre: Lee Min Ho Instagram

Lee Min Ho was spotted at Kim Go Eun’s party:

kim go eun lee min ho lee min ho kim go eun

The couple used revealing couple clothes

same clothes same clothes

Lee Min Ho was exposed and pasted Kim Go Eun’s photo in his room, using her photo as his phone wallpaper

kim go eun kim go eun

When Park Min Young and Suzy were dating, Lee Min Ho wasn’t this obvious.

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