Do you know that GFRIEND disbaned?

Disbanded K-pop group updates: GFRIEND, Momoland’s Hyebin, and Ex-UNB

Members of K-pop group GFRIEND gave their messages for avid fans before their exclusive contracts expired in the dead of night of May 22.


Their agency, Source Music, announced on May 18 that “the exclusive artist contract with GFRIEND and Source Music is concluded on May 22. After extensive discussion and careful consideration, the K-pop group GFRIEND and Source Music have come to a final agreement to separate paths to continued growth.

It has been confirmed by the group members that they were disbanding after six years within the entertainment business through handwritten letters they posted on May 19, but the ladies promised to stay friends.

In other news, another K-Pop Group that disbanded has confirmed that MOMOLAND‘s Hyebin and former UNB member Marco are officially dating.

On May 17, KST, it absolutely was revealed by MOMOLAND’s agency MLD Entertainment, stating Newsen – a Korean news site that covers topics including entertainment and business.

MLD Entertainment announced, saying, “We have checked with Hyebin herself, and it’s true that Hyebin and Marco are dating. However, because it’s their private life, it’s difficult to reveal any specifics.”

Lee Hye-bin is that the leader of the girl group MOMOLAND. She is that the eldest member of the group, and she or he is that the lead rapper.

Marco, whose real name is Lee Hyeong Geun, is an actor and former H.B.Y and UNB member under OPUS Entertainment.

He debuted within the group HBY or ‘Hot Blood Youth’ in August 2017, and also the group disbanded in 2020.

Marco participated in the survival show ‘The Unit’ and ranked 5th place, allowing him to debut in 2018 with UNB, who also disbanded in 2019.

Rumors about Hyebin and Marco’s relationship first started when netizens on online communities and social media speculated that they were dating supported the photos that are being posted by the 2 idols, wearing what gave the impression to be a pair of things.

Korean fans are suspecting romance brewing between Hyebin and Marco ever since they were seen wearing identical necklaces, long padding coats, watches, and other accessories.

Fans also claim that the 2 idols often wear matching clothing like shirts.

Netizens distinguished that not only were they spotted wearing a pair of things, but both of them also had been uploading photos at similar locations and of the identical time, like, as an example, at the Han River posted way back the year 2020.

In addition, K-fans also noticed a female figure within the reflection of 1 of Marco’s photos and theorized it could are Momoland’s Hyebin.

Source: Kpop Reporter

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