Do you know solo song of BTS Jimin hits 189M streams on Spotify?

BTS Jimin, solo song ‘Filter’ hits 189M streams on Spotify + 67M streams on YouTube

Kpop group BTS member Jimin’s solo song ‘Filter’ proved its hot popularity by achieving 189 million streams on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform.

Jimin’s ‘Filter’ surpassed 189 million streams on Spotify on August 18th (KST).

Jimin’s solo song ‘Filter,’ a song from BTS’ 4th regular album ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’ released in February last year, made its debut with the foremost streaming among Korean songs without promotion on Spotify during its release.

It recorded 150 million streams in 440 days after its release. It holds the record for achieving 150 million streams, which is that the fastest among Korean male singers’ solo songs on Spotify.

‘Filter’ seems the foremost streamed song among non-side songs within the world with 12,259,783 streams on Spotify in July. So, it really proves ‘Jimin’s music power.’

In addition, ‘Filter’ recorded 67 million streams on YouTube’s official audio track on an identical day. It breaks the record for the foremost views of a Korean solo song.

The record of ‘filter’ doesn’t stop there.

It ranked 12th on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart on August 21, announced by Billboard.

‘Filter,’ which re-entered the charts, also set a record for 73 weeks on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart.

Then, ‘Filter’ exceeded 300,000 music searches on August 16th on Shazam, the world’s largest music search application. It shines the foremost on the ‘Map Of The Soul: 7 album songs. Also, it holds the foremost record for b-side Kpop solo song last year on Shazam.

‘Filter’ continues to jot down such dazzling records and shines BTS Jimin’s presence everywhere the globe as a Kpop frontman.

Source: Kpopida

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