Do you know She Was Pretty ending?

Cover - Do you know She Was Pretty ending?

Do you know She Was Pretty ending? I believe you guys will be surprised and excited when knowing that! Get ready to discover with Xenews!

Protagonists Kim Hye-jin (Hwang Jung-eum) and Ji Sung-joon (Park Seo-joon) got the happy ending they dreamt of on the Wednesday finale of popular rom-com TV drama “She Was Pretty.”

In the last episode, Hye-jin and Sung-joon continued their long-distance relationship between the U.S., where Sung-joon is functioning, and Korea, where Hye-jin is following her dreams of becoming a children’s book writer.

They called one another a day, went on video chat, and maintained a decent relationship until Sung-joon unexpectedly returned to Korea, saying, “I can’t be except you.”

“I was pretending to be cool and await you, but I’m not mature enough,” he said. “I am just visiting wait in Korea beside you.”

Actually, Sung-joon was promoted to become an editor-in-chief for fashion magazine the foremost, replacing former editor Lala (Hwang Suk-jung), who decided to go away the post to urge married to an Italian model.

Hye-jin also became the children’s book author she had dreamt of being since her elementary school days. In the end, the 2 finally got married and led a contented, romantic life, having a cute daughter with curly hair, who looked similar to Hye-jin.

Hye-jin’s friend Min Ha-ri (Go Joon-hee) began her career as a hotelier and Kim Shin-hyuk (Choi Si-won), who was revealed as popular fiction writer Ten, traveled the planet writing his next book.

Shin-hyuk released his latest book in Korea and within the epilogue wrote, “To my ally Jackson,” relating Hye-jin by her nickname.

The 16-episode series She Was Pretty ended with a viewership rating of 15.9 percent Wednesday.

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