Do you know SEVENTEEN do plastic surgery? Check it out!

Plastic surgery rumors: Let’s see the members of Seventeen’s facial transformation

In this day and age, K-Pop boy-group SEVENTEEN is on everybody’s list of the highest boy-groups promoting without delay. With hits like Pretty U, Aju Nice, and Clap, it’s to no one’s surprise that they need to hit multiple no.1’s on the music charts. they’re known for their produced music and tight choreography, something that’s not easily achieved within Korean showbiz. Not only are they talented, but they’re also very personable and charming on variety shows. This plus their attractiveness is simply the proper recipe for fulfillment.

But does one know that there are several rumors floating around about seventeen’s possible plastic surgery? In South Korea, cosmetic surgery is certainly not an uncommon thing, having been normalized even within the final public. within the case of celebrities, especially idols, these procedures are known to be done but are kept classified in favor of promoting them as natural beauties. So are you inquisitive about the procedures fans have dug up with reference to Seventeen? Let’s take a deeper look!

Seventeen’s Members Cosmetic Surgery Rumors

As previously mentioned, cosmetic surgery has been normalized among Koreans, but within the case of idols, it’s still quite taboo to speak about it in the open. There are some cases of celebrities admitting to the work they need to be gotten to reinforce their looks except for the foremost part, it’s up to the fans to research pictures and videos to work it out. So with this, we present a number of the findings fans have gathered over the time Seventeen has been exposed to the general public.


Starting off with the leader, S.Coups, there’s not much which will be said about whether his features are modified or not. Fans have come to an agreement that his features looked identical from pre-debut to the current day, with lush lips and massive, round eyes. Usually, the nose and also the eyes are two main areas that are liable to change through surgery, but it seems his features remain how they were before his debut.


In the case of member Jeonghan, there are some controversies regarding his eyelids and nose. First of all, his eyelids have well-versed several minor changes over the years that are subtle but enough to form a specific look. As seen above, the image of him with the pink shirt was taken during his time broadcasting 17TV, at that point his eyelids, although a double eyelid, absolutely was one where it folds inwards. The inward fold implies that when the person opens their eyes, it might be as if he or she features a monolid. The second picture taken during the Clap era fansign indicates that his eyelid fold appears to be more pronounced and has been modified into the standard outward fold where the fold itself is visible even together with his eyes open.

Other than that, he has supposedly also had a nose filler procedure to assist straighten out his crooked nose. Most of the filler is concentrated around his upper nose bridge, initially only to mend the crookedness, but as seen above its been further added, to also heighten the bridge.


The third oldest member is Joshua, there’s much speculation regarding his nose and double eyelids. with reference to his nose, as seen within the photographs above which are taken at relatively similar angles, it seems that the form has been altered through fillers, as his nose bridge seems higher and more uniform, reducing the planning of his rounded-tip nose. Not only that, because of the fillers, the nose also appears smaller and sharper, when after all it’s still the identical size but its uniformity masks the sheer size of the nose in respect to his face.

In the case of his eyes, it’s hard to inform from the images because of the very fact that they’re hidden under his bangs, but he has been seen with fluctuating aegyo-sal or the fat under the eyes. The fat seems to be more sizable in some pictures, whilst deflating in some others. Furthermore, his eyelids also looked as if it would are threaded so as to form a regular lid rather than multiple folds creating an uneven eyelid. the image above details a number of that uneven eyelids, even with the bangs covering his eyes.



As seen within the pictures above, it seems that Jun has gotten his nose fixed through the procedure of fillers around the nose bridge, since he wont to have a bump right within the middle of it. The procedure is non-invasive and is taken into account by most to not be a part of the surgery, except for the sake of explaining his change in appearance we’ve included the pictures. apart from that, it doesn’t appear to be Jun has done anything to boost his features.



Now it’s time to maneuver on to the most dancer, Hoshi. Fans have suspected Hoshi has had some fillers around the nose and chin area, additionally as having his eye corners move to give the illusion of larger eyes without having to undergo double eyelid surgery. The procedure cuts a slit within the innermost corner of the attention, making the procedure almost invisible, and blends within the remainder of the skin once it heals. Usually, it’s in addition to double eyelid surgery, but without it, the results look plenty more natural, it rather accentuates the monolid within the best way possible, especially since it’s been a trend within the industry lately to own mono lids.

In regards to his chin and nose fillers, as evident within the photos above, Hoshi is perceived to have a more protruding side profile, with a sharper chin and nose. The filler seems to own eliminated the previous roundness in his face, to attain more masculine and defined features, which is incredibly desired within the Korean show business.


Wonwoo’s pictures above, taken during his time as a trainee and through the foremost recent Oh My promotions, indicate that he has done some nose related procedures so as to correct the bump he had at the middle of his nose. this might either be fillers or full-on invasive surgery because of its permanent nature and lack of fluctuation when looking back at his other pictures.

Another supporting factor is the scars found on the insides of his nostril, possibly indicating that he has done a kind of nose surgery procedure that takes a part of the bone found within the ears and extracts it to be added within the nostril area. The goal of the procedure is to heighten the nose and provides it a sharper look. He possibly also added fillers on either side of the nostril and also the smile lines, to forestall the flare of his nostrils and minimize movement in and around the area, maximizing the definition of the nose.



In the case of Woozi, there are rumors of nose fillers and eye corner-cutting, as he’s known to be one amongst the few members in Seventeen that have monolid eyes. The nose fillers are quite obvious within the pictures above, the primary two taken during his pre-debut days and also the other while promoting the Oh My and Clap, respectively. the peak of his nose won’t be very clear within the first two pictures, because of the very fact it’s not taken from the side, but from the shadows, it’s quite obvious that his nose bridge isn’t as defined because it is within the latter two pictures. As for his eye corner-cutting procedures, it is often seen within the pictures above that his innermost portion of the attention is slightly wider and open than how it wont to be.


DK is one amongst the opposite members who have had nose surgery so as to correct a rounded tip. once more all standard procedures, DK has had the nostril area heightened with an implant from the ears and fillers to the touch up the peak round the nose bridge making it more uniform. The procedures he has had done are evident within the pictures above, since the photo could be a side angle, the peak and profile difference may be seen very clearly. Not only that, but some have also allegedly said that DK has gotten some variety of eyelid surgery to correct his previous mono lids to folding double eyelids.


Mingyu, who is understood to be the group’s visual, has much speculation and conjecture surrounding what some say is his doctored looks. Allegations range from fillers on his cheeks and lips to double eyelid surgery. with reference to his double eyelid surgery, it’s evident within the first two pictures that Mingyu already has had a type of double eyelid before his debut, with the folds going inwards and extremely much indistinguishable, thus looking more sort of a monolid instead of a double eyelid.

The surgery seems to simply create incisions within the fold he already has, thus creating a more defined fold, that also folds inwards, but is incredibly stark, as demonstrated within the third picture when he strains his eyes. within the case of his fillers, it seems to own been to fluff up his lips and his cheeks, as demonstrated within the last picture, when it’s still fresh and still hasn’t settled into a more natural-looking filler. this might even be the result of a fat grafting procedure, within the case of his cheeks, to agitate the cheeks and make a more contoured face shape.


Another member who seems to possess his eyelids done is The8. His eyelids were perceived to be a monolid pre-debut but after 2015 it seems the fold suddenly became noticeable. As seen within the pictures above comparing his looks in 2014 and 2015, the eyelid doesn’t seem to overtly stand out, but the subtle change is certainly noticed by fans with hawk eyes.

The8’s nose has always been a degree of argument within the debate of cosmetic surgery amongst the group. Compared to the 2 pictures above from his pre-debut and early debut days, the recent pictures below seem to depict a sharper and straighter nose that has lost its roundness within the tips. this might be attributed to the fillers he could have done to mend that problem. With the images presented, it seems he must have done it gradually over the course of his break-time in between promotions, also.



Seungkwan’s cosmetic surgery came in waves, progressively transforming his features into how he looks today. ranging from his pre-debut picture taken in primary school, it is seen that Seungkwan is accustomed to not have double eyelids, and his features aren’t as defined as they’re now. After joining the corporate and being added to the Seventeen trainee line-up, it seems that he did a double eyelid surgery in order that his eyes would be more pronounced and distinguishable. except for that, he seems to possess also had some minor nose surgery to heighten the nose bridge. Unlike the fillers, the surgery is permanent and helps to higher heighten the bridge when it starts from an awfully flat point.

Recently, Seungkwan was also perceived to augment his previous procedures by using fillers around his cheeks and his smile lines to form them less pronounced and lift up his features. this might even be attributed to things like botox and fat grafting because the results are inconclusive.


As seen above, Vernon seems to possess not had any procedures done to his natural beauty, comparing the image he has during his pre-debut activities with some newer ones. the sole thing he seems to own done is gotten his teeth fixed using clear braces. the image above also is a comparison of the features he has not changed like eyelids, nose, and jawline.


Seventeen’s youngest member, Dino, appears to own had a nose filler done to straighten out the rounded nose tip he has. within the pictures above, comparing an image from Mansae promotions in 2016 and Thanks promotion in 2018, it may be seen within the profile photo that his rounded nose tip appears sharper and straighter than before. Some might argue it must ensue to him straining his jaw and also the likes, but it shouldn’t have had any effect on the looks of the nose. apart from that, the fillers also heighten the nose bridge in between his eyes, making a more impressionable side profile.

So what does one think about Seventeen’s cosmetic surgery speculation? Comment below together with your thoughts!

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