Do you know Park Si Yeon divorce?

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Do you know Park Si Yeon divorce? I believe you guys will be shocked when knowing that! Are you expected? Get ready with Xenews!

The Beautiful Park Si-yeon’s Journey of affection

Park Si-yeon (born as Park Mi-seon on March 29th, 1979) is an actress from an Asian nation, who was also the semi-finalist of Miss Korea 2000. She made her debut within the industry as an actress within the Chinese movie Feng Qiu Huang, in 2004. Her contribution to the Korean show business started along with her first role within the SBS drama My Girl, in 2005. She also starred in Bittersweet Life, Yeon Gae So Mun, Marine Boy, The Innocent Man, The Greatest Marriage, and Should We Kiss First.

Despite being called a talented actress and also the fascinating semi-finalist of Miss Korea, she was mostly referred to as “Eric’s girlfriend”. Eric Mun was a member of the six-member boy group Shinhwa, and Park Si-yeon dated him in 2004. Park Si-yeon said that it took her 10 different roles to erase the tag and make her become known for her own talent. Unfortunately, Park Si-yeon and Eric Mun broke up in 2007.

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She once said in a Cosmopolitan magazine interview, “These days the thing I most consider is, ‘Have I lived well?’ I’m happy once I film dramas or movies, but during this quiet life you ought to turn back and see if your life a minimum of once, and that I think that point has come. I need to like. I would like to marry soon and live boisterously.” And yeah, people were shocked by her marriage news, one year later, with a normal (non-celebrity) man, Park Sang-hun.

Park Si-yeon’s Married Life

Pic 2 - Do you know Park Si Yeon divorce?Park Si-yeon finally decided to marry Park Sang-hun, a regular, corporate officer from a financial securities company. They tied the knot on November 19th, 2011, at the Seoul Hyatt Hotel. Their wedding was attended by numerous famous celebrities, like Lee Hyori, Han Ye-seul, Oh Yeon-soo, Nam Gyu-ri, Cha Ye-ryun, Jo Yeo-jung, Son Tae-young, Park Shi-hoo, and others.

The ceremony was rousing. Lee Juk sang the marriage song for the bride. The one who caught the bride’s thrown bucket was Kang Sung-yeon, who accidentally had been attending to wed in January of 2012. Park Si-yeon also stated, “I will try my best to be an honest example as a cheerful family. many thanks for all the congratulations.” She also said that she’s going to continue her acting career even after her marriage.

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After they tied the knot, Park Si-yeon and Park Sang-hun were endued with two daughters. Their first child was born on September 24th, 2013, while their second child was born on November 14th, 2015. Everybody felt happy for her second childbirth and wished her to possess an honest day along with her happy family.

But, Park Si-yeon was once involved in a very drug scandal for illegally employing a high amount of propofol, a sedation drug, in 2013, after her first child was born. Park Si-yeon’s agency denied this scandal by stating that she took the drug for medical reasons because she injured her back while engaged on the set for the flicks Marine Boy and Dachimawa Lee.

The results of the doctor’s investigation during the trial revealed that she had been taking the drug to treat avascular necrosis at the top of her femur. Unfortunately, the ultimate judgment came to call in October 2013. The Seoul Central District Court found Park Si-yeon guilty of taking propofol 400-500 times over four-and-a-half years (or 8.2 times a month). She was sentenced to eight months in prison and suspended for 2 years.

The Unwanted Divorce

Pic 4 - Do you know Park Si Yeon divorce?After 5 years of marriage, a rumor of Park Si-yeon and Park Sang-hun’s divorce had broken out. Park Si-yeon’s agency Mystic Entertainment stood up to clarify this rumor. The representatives from the agency stated, “It is true that Park Si-yeon is currently filing for a divorce. Since she’s still within the process of filing a suit and it’s a personal matter, it’s difficult to reveal the explanation for the divorce.”

To clarify a false rumor they also added, “There were efforts to succeed in a settlement, but it had been difficult to settle, thus a suit had to be filed, unfortunately. We ask that false rumors and speculations not be spread in consideration of her young children. we’ll also take action [against false rumors and speculations].”

Now the method is settled down already. Park Si-yeon and Park Sang-hun are known to possess no relationship afterward. Every problem was settled privately because of their children’s privacy. Just hope Park Si-yeon, her ex-husband Park Sang-hun, and their two daughters reside a contented life without delay.

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