Do you know Park Ji Min’s weight loss?

Cover - Do you know Park Ji Min's weight loss?

Do you know Park Ji Min’s weight loss? Do you want to expected to discover her truth and story. Let’s discover with Xenews! 

The Gifted Singer With Powerful Voice, Park Jimin

Park Jimin, also referred to as Jamie Park or Jimin Park, could be a singer, songwriter, and tv presenter from Asian nation. She is a component of a lady duo called 15& along with Baek Yerin and that they officially debuted in October 2011. She is additionally best referred to as the primary winner of KPOP Star season one and he or she decided to decide on JYP Entertainment when she was given the chance of signing with the massive 3 companies (SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, or YG Entertainment).

In 2015, it absolutely was revealed that Jimin made her debut as a solo artist with Hopeless Love. the identical year, Jimin became a component of a gaggle with rapper Nathan and Seung-youn of UNIQ. Their group was named M.O.L.A (Make Our Life Awesome) and its first song My Way was released on August 20th, followed by the second track Trick or Treat on October 31. She has also lent her voice for a few drama OSTs and she or he did other great collaborations with amazing people like J.Y Park, Eric Nam, etc!

Park Jimin’s Age

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Jimin was born on 5 July 1997 in Daejeon, South Korea. After living in Thailand for seven years, she moved to Bangkok, and there she attended Garden International School. After this, she studied at Hanlim School of liberal arts and graduated from there within the year 2016.

Park Jimin and Baek Yerin were both born in 1997, hence the group name 15&, as they were both 15 after they debuted officially. She is an outgoing, energetic, happy, and sometimes crazy girl who likes to spread love and encompasses a passion for singing. Also, both Jimin and Yerin can speak English and Korean fluently because of studying within the US, and although their personalities are almost polar opposites, this keeps a tremendous balance between the group.

15&’s Park Jimin’s Height

Pic 2 - Do you know Park Ji Min's weight loss?When you search her name online, her height is written as 160 cm on her profile. it’s considered a bit below normal for a girl her age in the Asian country. Seeing that idols lately have long legs and a tall physique, her height seems normal if you observe just her body overall, but one can clearly see the large difference as compared to other idols around her.

15&’s Park Jimin’s Weight

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On her profile, it’s written that she weighs around 49 kg (108 lbs), but many folks didn’t believe this information. We already knew that several idols, if not all, tell little white lies about their physical features like their heights and weights.

During the K-Pop Star special on December 2014 SBS’s Healing Camp, Jimin confessed that she wished she had a smaller physique and wanted to be reborn because cosmetic surgery is difficult. She said the foremost weight she lost was 10 kg (~ 22 lbs), but she gained weight again due to the Yo-Yo Effect, which implies she gained twice the load she had lost at the time.

However, sometime in 2015 on her solo debut, fans hardly believed the actual fact that Park Jimin finally made a drastic weight loss. 15&’s Park Jimin has shown how losing weight can change someone drastically.

Park Jimin’s Weight Loss

Pic 4 - Do you know Park Ji Min's weight loss?Park Jimin participated in the reality singing competition ‘K-pop Star’ within the year 2011 and launched her career after winning primary place. After the competition ended it seemed she took care of herself and garnered quite a lot of attention regarding her drastic weight loss.

She was asked how she was dieting on an episode of SBS One Night of TV Entertainment that was broadcast on July 11, 2012. She answered, “I am eating pigeon breast and broccoli, eating more vegetables for my diet. Also, I’m exercising hard with a trainer.”

She received lots of affection for her impressive singing ability together with her debut track I Dream as 15& in 2012. But regardless of what proportion better the change was, netizens still criticized Jimin for looking chubby, asking her if she was really a star, and compared her plenty with Baek Yerin who was plenty skinnier than her.

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Then in 2013 the women had their comeback on ‘K-Pop Star 2’ and scored an all-kill on the charts with Somebody. During now Jimin struggled plenty with weight loss and therefore the yo-yo effect.

After the group dominated major music charts upon their comeback with Somebody, the subsequent year they came back with Can’t Hide It and Sugar. Still, Jimin looked identical to before. There was no obvious change in her physical appearance.

But miraculously after she made her solo debut in 2015, all her toil finally appeared to have paid off. She appeared with a way skinnier physique and mature take care of people kept on body-shaming her. All her features looked more defined on her music video after she lost some weight. This was her thinnest look ever.

And because time passes, it’s apparent that up to now she’s capable of frequent fluctuations. As we are able to see on a number of her recent pictures in late 2016-2017, she sometimes feels like she gained a touch little bit of weight, and sometimes she looks quite skinny.

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