Do you know NCT’s Jaemin shows off his abs?

Unbelievable! NCT’s Jaemin shows off his abs before forty. Check out NCT’s Jaemin’s abs and workout routine!

NCT could be a group formed under SM Entertainment that consists of 23 handsome and talented members, one of them is Jaemin. he’s the visual of the NCT unit, namely NCT Dream, which is legendary due to his visual and his dance skill. Not simply because of all that, too, he’s also referred to as a member of NCT who has abs.

Jaemin has shown his abs several times. Where did he show his abs? what’s the key of his workout for having abs? you’ll find the solution through this text because Xenews will provide you with all information about it. So, continue reading!

Let’s Take a glance At NCT’s Jaemin’s Abs!

Abs is standing for ‘Abdominal Muscles”. Everyone wants to lose their fat body, like lose their fat belly, and that they will do workout/exercise. But this doesn’t apply to NCT’s Jaemin. Instead, he wants to create his stomach muscles and make his body reclaim. There are some moments when Jaemin shows off his abs whether by design or not. So, here are!

NCT’s Jaemin Abs At ‘The Dream Show’ Concert

NCT Dream held their first solo concert, ‘The Dream Show’, in Seoul, Asian country on November 16-17, 2019. Na Jaemin gave NCTzens an unexpected surprise. At the age of 20 (Korean age), he gave something that was within his shirt. He shows off his muscular abs for his fans, although initially, he was very shy to do it.

Jaemin points out the results of his exercise just at a look, only 2 seconds. Although only at a look, this occurrence made NCTzens scream with joy, which may be a precious moment.

At that point, it seems that the oldsters of other SM artists like Red Velvet and Chenle’s parents also saw it. within the interview, Jaemin said that his grandmother and mother also came and that they were shocked! If you would like to look at it, you’ll click on the video below!

Jaemin’s Abs Were Exposed in ‘Make A Wish’ Era

Jaemin is also a part of another NCT’s sub-unit, namely NCT U. This unit made their comeback for the umpteenth time in October 2020 by releasing their album ‘NCT RESONANCE Pt.1’ with the most track “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)”.

In this era, Jaemin exposed his abs accidentally thanks to his outfit. NCT U made their comeback stage for “Make A Wish” on October 15, 2020, in Mnet’s M! Countdown. All the fans who watched immediately realized it.

Then, M! Countdown makes a ‘behind the scene’ video for his or her reaction to their performance. But suddenly, something that surprised them was Jaemin’s abs. All the members also praised his face and abs. But Jaemin looks shocked and embarrassed.

Here is that the complete reaction video!

NCT’s Jaemin’s Workout Routine

Jaemin could be a member who really likes sports. Jaemin and Jeno are referred to as the member who has good body. Because his body and abs are filthy rich, it’s no wonder if people want to understand what the key is. Actually, Jaemin really likes extreme food, like spicy, sweet. He even likes Americano coffee with 8 shots of espresso.

As for the workout, in every NCT content, there’s nothing to point what the precise exercise is. But, there’s one video of NCT Daily on YouTube which shows Jaemin’s activities during the vacation.

In the video above, Jaemin and Jeno ride a bicycle for twenty-four kilometers from Olympic Park to Misari Speedboat Park. He and Jeno used the helmet and carried backpacks.

So, that’s everything about Jaemin’s abs and his workout routine. What does one consider it? Don’t forget to place your thought on the comment below and await another article from us!

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