Do you know Nam Bo Ra’s siblings?

Cover - Do you know Nam Bo Ra's siblings?

Do you know Nam Bo Ra’s siblings? I believe you guys will be surprised when knowing that! Get ready to discover with Xenews!

The Baby Faced Actress Nam Bo-ra

Korean actress Nam Bo-ra was born on November 27th, 1989. She is that the second oldest child during a family of 12 siblings. Nam Bo-ra started her career within the industry back in 2006, by appearing within the drama titled recollect With a Smile. She also appeared within the popular horror movie bell 2 in 2008, playing the character of Hyun Ah.

But she started getting more popular when she got a task within the historical drama titled Moon Embracing the Sun, acting as Princess Min Hwa, in 2012. Not only she has appeared in drama series and flicks, but Nam Bo-ra has also appeared within the music videos of other artists and a pair of variety shows.

Nam Bo-ra and Her 12 Siblings

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The number of members in her family has shocked many folks with 13 children, including Nam Bo-ra herself. On March 30th, 2012, a number of her relations, including her parents, Nam Sang-dong and Lee Young-mi, along with several of Nam Bo-ra’s siblings made an appearance on the MBC morning show titled sayonara.

Nam Bo-ra’s family revealed that this wasn’t their first television appearance and that they had been guests in TV shows before. Several years ago, they made an appearance within the famous KBS show Life Theater and Our Sunday Night – Chorus of Angels on MBC.

And here is that the list with Nam Bo-ra’s relations, listing all of her siblings, starting by the oldest to the youngest:

  1. Nam Kyung-han – 30 years old
  2. Nam Bo-ra – 29 years old
  3. Nam Ji-na – 26 years old
  4. Nam Jin-han – 24 years old
  5. Nam Suk-woo – 22 years old
  6. Nam Hui-ho – 21 years old
  7. Nam Sae-bin – 20 years old
  8. Nam Dae-wit – 19 years old
  9. Nam Sae-mi – 17 years old
  10. Nam So-ra- 16 years old
  11. Nam Kyung-woo – 14 years old
  12. Nam Duk-woo – 11 years old
  13. Nam Young-il – 9 years old

The Truth Behind Her Brother’s Death

A piece of shocking news came from Nam Bo-ra on December 28th, 2015, when a Korean news portal reported that the actress’ younger brother had kicked the bucket. in step with the report, Nam Bo-ra and her family were already at the wake until early within the morning when the funeral procession had begun.

Her agency, Will Entertainment, released an easy statement saying, “It’s true that she experienced an unfortunate event, but it’s difficult for us to reveal the main points about it. Her younger siblings don’t know this happen yet.”

But then, the media confirmed that the explanation for Nam Bo-ra’s younger brother’s death was suicide.

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