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Episode 20 starts with the Royal couple inside the Food delivery wagon, and JwaGeun putting his sword inside to test within the wrong cart, thank god. Finally, they ended up within the inspector’s section. Getting out of the cart, they exchange a kiss, and off they are going on their mission.

The head eunuch was found sorrowfully clearing Cheoljong’s books. And he was shocked to search out Cheoljong entering the area and asking him to come back with him and help him. Eunuch actually thinks this is often the King’s ghost, initially happy to determine even the Ghost of the king, but when asked to travel with him, telling him he should move to his world now and rest in peace. When the Queen enters the area only he realizes this can be the King safe and sound.

The Castle horns blow signifying the beginning of the enthronement ceremony. Grand queen sitting on the throne and therefore the King to be kid bowing and JwaGeun standing behind playing his part and therefore the prime minister playing his part within the ceremony, only to seek out out that the Royal seal isn’t there. If the Royale seal isn’t on the King’s hand, he can’t be declared King officially. All the plotters of treason get a shock.

When the King panics thinking they may not be able to make it, The Queen tells him that she made a backup plan with Kim Hwan before she left the castle thinking that may happen. Explains to the King in flashback, how she summons Kim Hwan to her chamber and the way he gets a shock when he sees that Lee Sang-Mang was actually the Queen. She gives the task of taking the seal away and handing the seal to Special Director Hong and Prince Yeonpyeong.

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While outside, Donghak believers attack the palace with Sulfur bombs creating an enormous black smock along with ManBook, Choi, and Hong contributing. Jwageun summons all the soldiers to the inner section of the palace for more safety. The King and Queen walk towards the most building hand in hand. The Queen tells the King, if we fail now, we are going to must start from the start. So let’s make out. JwaGeun’s weapon, the masked man is there aiming his gun at the King. Sean this, the Queen takes the shot. While she falls, the King tending to avoid wasting her is additionally shot. In the midst of this, Prince Yeonpyeong and Hong manage to shoot the person on the roof. While the King becomes unconscious from the impact, the Queen senses herself going back. She implores not now of all times, she must help the King. Suddenly Bong Hwan wakes from his coma. He dashes away to the bookstore to seek out history books written on the Joseon Dynasty. to seek out that King Cheoljon’s name was written not as Cheoljong, but Cheoljo.

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We are taken back to what happened in the courtyard. So Yong the Queen manages to wake Cheoljong from his shock. because of their bulletproof vests as suggested by the Queen in an early episode, they were safe. But So Yong is badly impacted. Cheoljong manages to collect his strength and fight with JwaGeun, while JwaGeun accuses him as a Donghak believer, and threatening therewith word and Cheoljong outweighing him by telling I’m the King of this country, Meaning JwaGeun has no right to accuse him of what he believes. Thus breaking JwaGeun’s sword in half and slicing his crown from his head. Jwageun tries to kill. Cheoljong wouldn’t allow it. He wants JwaGeun to measure repenting for what he did for the remainder of his life as a slave.

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Hong and YeongPyeon come running with the seal. But the King is hesitating to go away the bleeding Queen. She tells him to travel and do his duty leaving her. Cheoljong leaves her with special director Hong and goes inside with Yeongpyeon claiming the seat rightfully, stamping the seal. Queen is unconscious and in peril of losing the baby. Somehow She pulls through with the baby unharmed.

Grand queen was sentenced to accommodate confinement within the west palase. So, Yong, the Queen walks in telling her the news gracefully. That place is now visiting be the Queens. Dowager was given a time frame to clean up and prepare.

YeonPyeong reads the punishment given to Dowager Jo for spreading rumors and tarnishing the Queen’s name, she was also sentenced to be in house confinement within the west palace. Although she tells them they’re false charges, a witness was brought forward, the maid she told to spread the rumors. She has no option.

As she arrives at her room, SoYong curses saying “Darn it. that completely hit the spot.” And feels amused with herself thinking that some a part of Bong Hwan memory continues to be in her.

Cheoljong sentences all the corrupt politicians in Byeong In’s list to a few years imprisonment in Jeju Island. They tell the King that they were forced to sign that document. But Cheoljong tells while they’re still guilty of robbing the people announcing all the misdeeds they need to be done. And telling that they’re a collection of shameless thieves, Their property and wealth are to be distributed to the people they’ve been oppressing. And to possess them to practice the streets for people to work out including JwaGeun. But his decision doesn’t include their family.

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So Yong becomes much softened and falls to her role of the Queen. She goes and pays her proper regard to ByeongIn’s grave. She is not any longer threatened by the thought of dying. and also the stone-carved letters of Bong Hwan reminds her of the incident that happened there. Her father visits her and therefore the father and daughter loving relationship is growing once they discuss how he has become a person of righteousness. and therefore the baby starts kicking.

Court lady Choi and Man Book relationship is growing, when Choi arrives at the Kitchen, ManBook embraces her warmly. Kim Hwan gets his appointment at the foreign ministry and he involves Hong needing to chat about the appointment his majesty has given. Cheoljong happens to come back in at that point and Kim Hwan asks Lee sang Mang’s friend, are you a lady too? and therefore the King asking him, did the kind of you get the appointment? In an unsure mood. Prince YeonPyeong meets HwaJin again, and at this point also he falls with a cramp on his foot. She gets concerned about his health.

Cheoljong decides to provide more power to the people so that they won’t be oppressed by the influential rich. Special director Hong keeps complaining that he thought things will get easy for him when the country is peaceful and Cheoljong is making him work more. And leaves without arranging the table making Cheoljong try to do it himself.

Seang the Queen’s dictionary on his table, he realizes something is missing. He reads a letter the wrong way up with San Sun asking him whether he’s distracted. He cannot focus He must see the Queen, and decides to travel and see her for a flash of his busy life. and therefore the Queen is busy making her own rules for the staff. That they must not employ maids under the age of ten. And anyone above the age of eighteen can marry. Making Hong and Choi feel elated. So Yong also feels something is missing. and she or he cannot focus, must see the King.

They leave for the King’s office. By the time they’re there, the King is at the Queens. They miss one another going around the castle, finally, she decides to stay near the lake so that they will spot the King. They meet at the lake. Their affection for every other growing. Although the King is missing the Bong Hwan a part of her, he still loves the Queen.

Bong Hwan staring at the Joseon history book’s portrait of Cheoljong, remembers that the painting has the precise expression Cheoljong was giving while the portrait was painted he couldn’t avoid smiling. Reading the achievements of Cheoljong, he finds out that Cheoljong managed to place the pre-foundation for democracy. Bonghwan is satisfied now that along with Cheoljong he managed to be a part of the founders for democracy in the Republic of Korea

The story ends with Bong Hwan realizing it absolutely was not that the police are after him. History has repeated, here again, the police are protecting him because he has fixed the CCTV and given the footage to the media free. Saying otherwise, the police are protecting the whistleblower.

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