Do you know Love Alarm’s ending?

Cover - Do you know Love Alarm's ending?

Do you know Love Alarm’s ending? I believe so many people will be surprised and excited! Are you expected to know that? Let’s discover!

“Love Alarm 2”  has been officially released on Netflix, the wait is finally over to the various fans around the world who are waiting to determine how the love triangle ends, and wow, was it an unexpected ending or what.

Earlier today on Twitter, #LoveAlarm2 was one of the highest trending hashtags with many many fans expressing their disappointment and anger with the ending.

But was it justified? and the way did “Love Alarm 2” end exactly? Did Team Sun Oh Or Team Hye Young win? I’m here to spill the beans and discuss why I dislike Sun Oh lots and why I’m pleased with the ending.

Note: this can be a spoiler review of the said episodes within the title. this can be a subjective review.

“Love Alarm 2” episode 6 recap [bullet points]

“Love Alarm 2” ends on a contented note with Kim Jo Jo learning to give up of her dark past and accept the long run, she learns that she should stop deed from her issues and face them head-on instead. That’s a lucid improvement from the 18-year-old Kim Jo Jo who ran away whenever she could.

Kim Jo Jo also admits to being the author behind The Ringing World and explains that her illustrations aren’t about sending vague messages to those scuffling with the love alarm app but its about herself.

Hye Young also gets evidence about why Jo Jo lied to him about having a shield from Dok Gu himself.

Kim Jo Jo also decides to travel on a marathon in Jeju and acquire over her fears. At the goal, Hye Young awaits her.

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Before leaving to Jeju, Kim Jo Jo meets Sun Oh and that they exchange what would become their last encounter. They discuss the shield again and the way despite the regret she felt about it, she would probably still do the identical thing had she gone back to the past. After apologizing, Sun Oh tells her she shouldn’t apologize for liking someone. They part ways after establishing that liking Hye Young was her own choice.

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Dok Gu tells his brother [who’s been cosplaying because the developer] to grant up Love Alarm 2.0 and if he does, he can claim to be the developer forever.

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Gul Mi arrives at the new meeting spot for the love alarm club, she meets Dok Gu and finds out she’s the inspiration behind the app, she is harsh when checking out, but later becomes happy when the news of her being the muse makes to the net. She capitalizes on it.

Pic 4 - Do you know Love Alarm's ending?Sun Oh and Hye Young converge yet again, and despite their rocky relationship, you’ll still see that Hye Young deeply cares for Sun Oh. They conform to meet at their favorite spot if things become too difficult for Sun Oh.

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Sun Oh also seems to own had a change of heart, he misses his former girlfriend Yuk Jo while she was away for a month fixing something he’s caused. He still can’t ring her alarm but he says he’ll still try his best until he can ring it.

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Hye Young tells Kim Jo Jo he loves her. They kiss.

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On another day, Kim Jo Jo meets Dok Gu who talks about restarting again, he gives her a cassette of the days she rang Hye Young’s alarm. She tries to concentrate thereto via a radio Hye Young tried to mend, but it doesn’t work. They leave to urge lunch.

The cassette plays on its own showing all the moments she rang his love alarm and there have been many.

So which team won? Team Sun Oh Or Team Hye Young

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Team Hye Young won, congrats to everyone who was rooting for the underdog.

If you watched the whole second season and didn’t jump straight into the 6th episode [I know a number of you probably did it J], then you almost certainly know well that it didn’t end the way most would’ve expected.

Kim Jo Jo learns to yield of Sun Oh and accept that she’s fallen for Hye Young, you’ll be able to clearly see it in her actions throughout the whole second season of “Love Alarm.”

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But at the identical time, Kim Jo Jo thinks she caused pain to both of them by employing a shield and complicating things. She has many past regrets which confuse viewers that she might still be hung au fait Suh On, but throughout the second season, you’ll be able to see whenever something bad happened, Jo Jo always ran back to Hye Young.

“Love Alarm 2” ending – the severe backlash

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If I take a glance at the credits, some websites say Song Kang is that the first male lead while others say he’s the second male lead. To me, it always felt like he was the primary male lead not the second considering his screen time, so I’ll come with the belief that he’s the primary lead, if you recognize verified info that claims otherwise, please let me know. So this implies this is often one of the few times a female lead ended up with the second lead.

Now onto the backlash and why I ail the hate “Love Alarm 2” ending has received.

I am kinda upset by the quantity of backlash the “Love Alarm 2” ending has gotten because it’s an indication that there’s something wrong with the way many women round the position romance, and what they classify as romantic versus obsessive.

Under normal circumstances, Sun Oh would’ve been a mere villain in another story. Sun Oh, as a personality, is extremely obnoxious, obsessive, possessive and a brat.

Of course, I’m visiting be discussing the characters below, so don’t twist my words. This isn’t aimed toward the actors.

Pic 12 - Do you know Love Alarm's ending?It’s been ages since I’ve disliked a male lead this much. Sun Oh has no redeeming qualities about him other than his handsome looks and background, none of these are things he earned himself. I felt kinda sad for him at the top of episode 6 but it’s because Song Kang does a decent job making me feel sorry for him even once I know I shouldn’t. Sympathizing with a personality is one thing but going out of your thanks to classifying obviously terrible actions by Sun Oh ‘good’ is what’s worrisome.

I binge-watched the primary season two months back and that I was astonished by how terrible he was. I didn’t like several of the most leads within the story but he was by a landslide, the worst among them.

[Discussing season 1] whether or not we assume Kim Jo Jo had fallen out of affection together with her high school boyfriend at the time, it struck me as odd that he’d kiss someone who’s taken within the first episode of the primary season. That also means Kim Jo Jo was within the wrong for following him to the ally, I needed there had been more discussion about how bad now was rather than the screenwriter using it as a ‘shocking’ start point for the series.

Then, even when he knows well that his childhood friend, the one who has always put him first and been there for him, likes someone, he goes out of his way and eventually dates her despite knowing well how Hye Young feels about her.

Even if Hye Young didn’t say it if you’ve been his friend since childhood, shouldn’t there be a much better thanks to tackling this? shall we say its a teenage ignorance and immaturity? Forget how shady he was within the first season.

In the second season, Sun Oh still seems like a toddler in an adult’s body, a man-child who can’t take no for a solution. Even when Kim Jo Jo is dating Hye Young, he kisses her again when checking out she’s been employing a shield.

Even if you can’t recover from someone, that doesn’t mean the identical for them. A no, is a no. why can’t he take a no for a solution and needs to be rejected within the most humiliating way possible for him to require a glance at the mirror? What wouldn’t it see him understand that those that care about the emotions of others might win before those that only care about themselves?

Not at even one point does he attempts to work out things from her perspective as she did with him, this is often to not say Jo Jo isn’t frustrating as a personality or that she handled their breakup well because I believe she didn’t. BUT not at any point within the second season that Sun Oh does anything good or nice towards Jo Jo, he follows her around and causes a ruckus and inconveniences wherever he goes.

An example would be when he followed her to the category and ahead of everyone made a scene, he knows he’s famous, which he’s publicly dating an influencer, yet, rather than picking a quiet place to speak it out like adults, he goes go in the general public as if Jo Jo has EVER responded well to such settings before.

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I am shocked that such a big amount of girls, teenagers, and even women consider a personality like Sun Oh cool or that he should’ve ended up with the lead as if he’s done anything to deserve it and a few move out of their thanks to defending his obvious flawed actions.

What I worry about is how some young impressionable girls might get older and think a man-child like Sun Oh could be a cool man, that will be a travesty.

Had Sun Oh been played by an average-looking Korean actor or someone that’s unknown but doesn’t look half pretty much as good as Song Kang, nobody would’ve sided with him. Being handsome doesn’t equal manners. Sun Oh incorporates a long long road sooner than him to find out the way to be an actual adult.

Such a man-child who can’t take no for a solution and gets aggressive and pushy isn’t ‘cool,’ it’s very scary. I hope that whoever is watching realizes such actions shouldn’t warrant an okay reaction. If you meet a person like that in the real world, run the hills and file a restraining order.

To those that think I’m overreacting, I’m relating those that are calling Sun Oh’s actions romantic when they’re not,

To those that call his obsessive behavior towards a taken-woman who happens to be dating his former childhood BFF hot,

To people who think a person who forces a kiss on a girl who is dating somebody else romantic.

Even if he’s resolved a misunderstanding from 4 years ago, it doesn’t mean that individuals can’t change or start liking others besides him. He’s assuming she’s still hung abreast of him, why? who? what?

So many of his actions irk me and that I don’t find him a likable character. Song Kang does well with the character and tries his best to create us sympathize with him, but to me, Sun Oh was always a terrible friend and boyfriend.

“Love Alarm 2” ending is in my opinion great, and not only great because Kim Jo Jo ended up with Hye Young but because Sun Oh got called out and rejected properly. I also just like the message that means you’ll be able to learn to undertake and appreciate an individual who likes you.

Sun Oh will try his best to form things work with Yuk Jo knowing well what quantity she cares for him. He’s willing to place within the extra effort to not relinquishing the one that put up along with his shenanigans, that’s a sensible decision. I prefer the message it conveys although I feel terribly sorry Yuk Jo because I believe she deserves better.

I have lots of things to mention about the writing of the drama, but since this text is simply on the ending and also the last episode, I’ll stop here. The review for the whole series is out, read it here.

So what about you guys? what did you’re thinking that of the “Love Alarm 2” ending? were you Team Sun Oh Or Team Hye Young?

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