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Do you know ‘Kwangya’ appear in SM Entertainment’ artists MV?

5 songs of SM Entertainment’s artists with ‘Kwangya’ on the lyrics. Let’s check with us right now!

For SM Entertainment stans, the word ‘Kwangya‘ is certainly not new. Ranging from aespa’s ‘Black Mamba’ release back in November 2020, we’ve heard ‘Kwangya’ often in SM songs.

aespa, which debuted last November, is SM Entertainment’s newest girl group and also the vanguard of the K-pop powerhouse’s SM Culture Universe (SMCU), a fictional universe that launched last October.

So what’s Kwangya? The term was first introduced in September of last year in boy band NCT’s teaser video titled “NCT 2020: The Past & Future – Ether.”

The video abstractly defines Kwangya as a “wave” that “keeps expanding limitlessly […] beyond the infinite universe” and has no form, rules, or limit. “It is additionally a limitless medium and may connect dimension to dimension, people within people.” Kwangya itself may be a word in Korean meaning “wilderness”. It can mean the wilds, waste, jungle, or desert. Kwangya may be a world where avatars live.

Another video released in May titled “aespa ‘ep1. Black Mamba’ – SM Culture Universe” is wholly dedicated to explaining the SMCU’s key concepts, KWANGYA is described as an unruled and infinite place. Per SM Entertainment’s official definitions, “ae” is one’s friend within the virtual world with a powerfulness of its own. aespa’s ae have appeared within the group’s music videos within the variety of computer-generated avatars.

Check more “aespa ‘ep1. Black Mamba’ – SM Culture Universe” below:

The lyrics of aespa’s debut song “Black Mamba” (2020) also mention the term kwangya, which suggests “wilderness” in Korean. Since then, this word has continued to look in songs by SM’s artists like NCT U’s “90’s Love” (2020), EXO’s “Don’t Fight the Feeling” (2021), and NCT Dream’s “Hello Future” (2021).

The recurring mention of Kwangya has stood bent K-pop fans, but “Next Level” took things to only that — the following level. While NCT U, EXO, and NCT Dream incorporated the term during a more general context, the lyrics of “Next Level” talk exclusively about SMCU concepts, leading to lyrics that are barely comprehensible without prior knowledge of the fictional universe.

Twenty-three-year-old Hong Seul-bean became intrigued by “Next Level” and shared her thoughts on its lyrics.

“Although ‘Next Level’ was such an earworm that I memorized all the lyrics, I still don’t have any idea what the song is about,” she said. “Why are they walking to Kwangya and why do they keep mentioning that word?”

So far, we’ve got 5 songs with ‘Kwangya’ on the lyrics. Try which song they’re below!

1. aespa’s ‘Black Mamba’: “You wander this Kwangya”

2. NCT U’s ’90’s Love’: “Beyond the Kwangya, come closer”

3. aespa’s ‘Next Level’: “I walk to Kwangya, I do know your home ground,” “Never reminisce, don’t covet things of Kwangya”

4. EXO’s ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling’: “Speed across Kwangya”

5. NCT Dream’s ‘Hello Future’: “Over the full world and Kwangya”

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