Do you know Jungkook’s house?

Cover - Do you know Jungkook's house?

Do you know Jungkook’s house? He bought a new house in Itaewon for seven million dollars! Are you surprised by this? 

A famous quote says, “A rich house for a rich man,” best suits Jungkook for the time being. The golden maknae shows off his wealth once again, purchasing a new house from the money that comes from his hard work.

BTS Jungkook bought a brand new house

The much-deserved wealth and luxury of BTS Jungkook had him purchase a replacement single-family house, as per Korea Boo. The K-pop dedicated news site tagged Etoday for its exclusive report about the Euphoria singer purchasing a replacement home building.

A single-family home is a kind of building that’s detached and not connected to other houses. That said, Jungkook was said to own purchased the unit in November for $7,050,940, consistent with Allkpop.

The South Korean singer’s new house was established and formed in 1976, and it owns 637 square meters of land. Moreover, the ground space possesses 230.74 square meters of the full land perimeter. it’s located within the well-off area of Itaewon, also the house of famous Korean personalities like Kim Tae Hee and Rain.

Jungkook goes together with other celebrities living in Itaewon: building a family?

With Jungkook‘s new house purchase reports, fans couldn’t help but wonder if the idol is already settling down. Jungkook became an issue of speculations that he is going to be marrying soon, but the question is, to whom?

For the nonce, Jungkook expresses no plans of settling and down, and it’d be his new purchase copy his decision to sell his apartment a month before he bought the new house. The one he sold is his luxury Trimage complex, of which he never got the prospect to measure.

Aside from Jungkook, Itaewon was hailed as their new house location by Hwang Jung Eum and Park Myung Soo. The 2 celebrities already bought luxury houses within the same area.

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