Do you know Jennie Kim’s boyfriend?

Cover - Do you know Jennie Kim's boyfriend?

Do you know Jennie Kim’s boyfriend? I believe you guys will be surprised when knowing that! Get ready to discover!

Jennie Kim boyfriend and dating rumors

Jennie Kim’s current boyfriend is G-Dragon, a well known K-Pop celebrity. The couple is that the top artist of YG Entertainment – one amongst the three major Korean entertainment companies. Also, they’re the leading fashion trends in Asia and therefore the world.

Although she has only been in Kpop for some years, Jennie’s love profile is sort of long. In the past 3 years, she has been in trouble dating up to three powerful male stars. It are often said that, within the 3rd generation of idols, Jennie is currently the foremost attractive beauty.


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“The King of Kpop” G-Dragon and Jennie (Blackpink) are said to possess been dating for over a year.

On February 24, Dispatch released a series of photos documenting G-Dragon and Jennie Kim at a dating spot, claiming that they often attend G-Dragon’s house in Hannam-dong. Their story is publicized within the corporate. . Jennie’s manager often took her to her boyfriend’s house. The source said: “Jennie’s mother knows her daughter is dating G-Dragon. She is kind of satisfied with the connection.”

A few hours after the news was released, representatives of YG Entertainment – their agency – responded: “Nothing about G-Dragon and Jennie’s dating news will be verified as this is often artist privacies. “

The information caused a stir on social networks and Asian forums. On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, many fans said surprised at the link of both. The audience praised them as a stunning and talented couple.

Kai (Kim Jong-in) of EXO

Pic 2 - Do you know Jennie Kim's boyfriend?The relationship between Kai and Jennie started in October 2018.

On the morning of January 1, 2019, Jennie was released with a photograph by Dispatch with the singer Kai of EXO. Just over 3 weeks after their love came out, they announced “everyone’s way” because they wanted to specialise in their career. Although there have been rumors that Kai – Jennie secretly reunited, so far, this information has not been confirmed.

KaiJennie was once considered the highest Kpop couple to admire. Both artists are prominent members of two popular groups of the Hallyu wave.

When this news was released, rather than public confirmation, YG Entertainment pushed SM Entertainment’s responsibility (the company where Kai works for) when telling the press: “SM Entertainment will have a politician answer. “. By the time SM spoke to verify the romance of two famous stars, YG had continued to announce: “Our response is analogous to SM Entertainment.”

Teddy Park

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According to Media Pen’s exclusive news quite 3 years ago, Jennie is alleged to own dated Kpop’s leading producer – Teddy. An industry insider revealed, despite the 17-year-old gap, the couple can still be close. Immediately, YG Entertainment skillful the rumor: “We heard rumors between Jennie and Teddy for the primary time.” However, the above answer isn’t clear, making netizens doubt the link between the 2 stars.

Talking about Teddy, he’s the leading famous producer for quite 10 years. He produced a series of hits for singers, YG groups, and artists outside. Teddy plays a giant role in helping YG become the large 4 of the Korean music industry and making Kpop popular worldwide.

Teddy makes about $ 800,000 – $ 1 million a year from royalties for songs. Most notably, he’s currently the CEO of The Black Label – a subsidiary of YG, managing all famous names like Somi, Zion.T … As a result, Teddy’s income falls to a terrible level.

Harry Styles

Pic 4 - Do you know Jennie Kim's boyfriend?This rumor probably comes from the very fact that Harry Styles follows Jennie on Instagram.

Not stopping there, recently, fans were extremely excited once they discovered that Harry Styles was on the VIP seats within the group’s concert in l. a. .

However, perhaps by sitting within the front row of the VIP seats to conveniently watch BlackPink perform, many fans discovered that he was also “drunkenly dancing” following the tunes of the Blackpink on the stage. The image of Harry Styles attending BlackPink’s concert quickly spread and was enthusiastically shared and commented on by the Blink community and his fans.

But YG Entertainment vehemently objected to the present dating rumor and threatened to require legal proceeding against Jennie’s spreading of dating rumors.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang

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YG Entertainment has officially denied rumors about these two couples’ romantic dating. they’re just artists from the identical company and have a pure co-worker relationship.


In 2019, fans got super excited when dispatch hinted that there is also a relationship between a Jennie and Kim Taehyung. However, this was never officially revealed but fans still believe it would are Jennie and V.


Pic 6 - Do you know Jennie Kim's boyfriend?RM and Jennie sometimes ship together as they might be the ‘perfect couple’ unfortunately to the RM and Jennie fans they’re just friends.

Is Jennie Kim married?

Jennie Kim has never been married. She is at the height of her career and remains young, so she has no intention of getting married.

Who is Jennie Kim Husband?

She isn’t married, so it’s impossible to inform who her husband is.

Jennie Kim’s ideal men

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On the show “Knowing Brothers,” Jennie shared interesting stories that had never been announced. When asked about her ideal type, Jennie humorously said that her ideal man must have the face of Gong Yoo, the body of MC Kang Ho Dong, a humorous personality like Lee Soo Geun.

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