Do you know Honey Popcorn got banned from debuting?

Here’s why K-pop group Honey Popcorn almost got banned from debuting

Although K-Pop has grown an excellent deal through time, some concepts and pictures are still much more attractive and appropriate to the Korean audience than others.

The clean, pure, innocent image remains the foremost crucial thing for girl groups particularly. While girls are more embraced in darker or hotter concepts, they’re not such a lot for conservative classes as Asian country is understood for its conservative nature. The Honey Popcorn K-Pop band also seems to match those values initially sight.

They came through like several other new girl bands in K-pop. In March 2018, they launched their debut music video, ‘Bibidi Babidi Boo’ with beautiful, charming personalities, a fun, adorable concept, and beautiful photos.

The three members, though, have quite what the attention sees. Members Mikami Yua, Sakura Moko, and Matsuda Miko initially started their careers within the industry as J-pop members of the respective bands SK348, NMB48, and Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome.

Moreover, the three girls entered the Japanese pornographic film industry after “stepping down from” such groups, from which their scandal emerges. the truth that girls were employed as adult entertainment actors while still attempting to form their breakthrough as a K-Pop group in an exceedingly highly traditional system like the Republic of Korea wasn’t o.k. recognized.

There are such a lot of complaints that a petition was presented on the presidential platform to own the Korean government restricts the rookie band from debuting within the K-pop scene because the Hallyu wave had the most influence on younger fans.

In mid-March, the group, founded by Kyun Create, was able to debut, but they were scrapped, possibly thanks to the uproar, following these protests. After the decision was overturned, the viewing public was stunned, and Honey Popcorn was done the identical day with the primary EP presentation.

The girls were fully tuned in to this controversy surrounding their debut career, but band leader Yua bravely spoke upfront about it. She admitted that she worked in adult entertainment in Japan but promised the fans that she and Honey Popcorn would put theirs all into paying back the fans rooting for them since the start, despite the difficulty.

Source: Kpop Reporter

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