Do you know hidden singer BoA?

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Do you know hidden singer BoA? I believe you guys will be surprised when knowing her! Get ready to discover with Xenews!

South Korean singer BoA won the primary episode of the fourth season of JTBC’s show “Hidden Singer” on Saturday.

After ranking fifth within the first round, BoA went on to take care of the highest spot until the ultimate round. BoA and also the contender’s short conversation in between each round moved the guests and audiences.

Shin Jin-ah, one of all the contenders, said, “I was very lonely in my childhood since I used to be in an exceedingly double-income family and that I was the sole child. Whenever I felt lonely, I attempted to comfort myself with BoA’s ‘Moon&Sunrise.’”

“I feel great to listen to that my songs may be a giant help to others. I’ll try and give more help within the future with more of my songs, while my energy lasts,” replied BoA after taking note of the contenders’ personal stories.

The five contenders gave a surprise present to BoA during the show by singing her song “Merry-Chri” altogether, together with presenting hand letters on a tiny low banner from 50 fans within the audience seat. The fans were a number of the applicants who applied for BoA’s impersonator but couldn’t make it to the highest five.

BoA was moved to tears by the special event.

“It was good to listen to BoA’s hits today. I hope she releases more good tracks afterward, for an extended time,” said SNSD’s Sunny who is signed to SM Entertainment, the identical agency as BoA.

The fourth season of the show airs every Saturday at 11 p.m.

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