Do you know ‘goblin’ Gong Yoo’s girlfriend rumors?

gong yoo's girlfriend

Let’s find out about Gong Yoo’s girlfriend and ex-girlfriend !Let’s check information about him with us right now!

Who is Gong Yoo? General information about Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo who played an enormous hit within the drama “Coffee Prince No. 1 Store” broadcasted in 2007 and joined the favored actors. Often it plays a romantic kiss scene and therefore the image that “Kon Yoo Kiss is good” has been established. it’s also famous for expressing my ideas about marriage. What quiet woman was rumored with Gong Yoo?

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Gong Yoo’s girlfriend rumors with Im Soo Jung

gong yoo's girlfriend

The first rumor of Gong Yoo is that the actress Im Soo Jung. it’s said that the cooperation within the drama “School 4” broadcasted in 2001 has evolved into a relationship of romance with a trigger. Jeju Island travel was scooped in 2008, and love was thought to be decisive. However, they deny an infatuated love and explain that it’s one in all his close friends. It seems that the trip wasn’t only for two people but with friends.

Gong Yoo’s girlfriend rumors with Yoon Eun Hye

gong yoo's girlfriend

The second is a highly popular actress Yoon Eun Hye. Were they developed into a relationship of romance with the co-starring within the drama “Coffee Prince” that was broadcast in 2007? it’s said that.

In the drama, he plays a lover’s role, and Yoon Eun has made an interview that Professor Kuu is a perfect type and therefore the alleged enthusiasm is now whispered. However, since the 2 formally deny the passionate enthusiasm through their affiliation office, it seems that there’s a high possibility that they’re one among good co-stars.

Although plenty of enthusiastic photos and also the like have a runoff, the likelihood of being themselves is low, it seems to be a forged photo. Both are popular celebrities, so it seems that there’s nothing wrong.

Currently, 42-year-old Gong Yoo has never reported a decisive enthusiasm, but since he says “I want to urge married by the age of 40”, the day after I can hear happy reports could also be close. By the way, Yoon Eun Hye replied, “If Gong Yoo got married” about his own marriage, I still don’t change and that I am proving that we are on good terms.

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Gong Yoo’s girlfriend rumors with Kim Go Eun

gong yoo's girlfriend

Gong Yoo was rumored to be dating someone he worked with the third time. On this occasion, he was rumored to be dating his co-worker from Goblin, Kim Go Eun. Despite the age difference, they’d excellent chemistry within the drama.

The rumors began after Kim Go Eun broke up together with her boyfriend. It becomes more suspicious after Kim Go Eun posted an image of her and Gong Yoo in wedding outfits on her Instagram. Fans also spotted them eating together during a restaurant.

Gong Yoo’s agency, Soop Entertainment, strongly denied the rumor. one in every of the agency’s founders said that it absolutely was false information, and also the two were never dating. Kim Go-Eun’s agency also denied the rumor.

Gong Yoo’s girlfriend rumors with Jung Yoo Mi

gong yoo's girlfriend

In the early part of 2018, a rumor spread that Gong Yoo and Jung Yoo-mi would be getting married. It began because someone posted information that said, “Gong Yoo will get married~ He made a reservation at Shilla Hotel yesterday,” and someone who works there leaked the knowledge. “He will marry Jung Yoo-mi.”

The rumor spread quickly. Some netizens were shocked by the sudden news, and a few of them congratulated the couple. But shortly after the rumor spread, their agency denied it.

Soop Entertainment said that the rumors weren’t true and that they would take action against rumors and malicious comments.

Gong Yoo’s girlfriend rumors with Gong Hyo Jin

gong yoo's girlfriend

The closeness between Gong Hyo-jin and Gong Yoo is a secret, they’re also rumored to be dating. the 2 of them had been friends even before joining the identical agency, SOOP Management. Besides, the pair of friends who are nicknamed the Gong-Gong Couple is additionally a same-age friend.

Flashback to 2005, the primary time they met through a drama called Hello My Teacher. From there, their relationship became closer. Their dating rumors became even more intense when the 1980-born actress suddenly appeared at Gong Yoo’s fan meeting.

They were so close and infrequently showed off their togetherness. The dating rumors have certainly approached both of them; they were often thought to be dating. But neither of any of the perimeters ever clarified this.

Gong Yoo’s girlfriend rumors with Ahn So Hee

gong yoo's girlfriend

Actress Ahn Soo-hee was once rumored to possess a romantic relationship with actor Gong Yoo. The rumors blew after they both starred in the film Train to Busan in 2016. and also the rumors got louder after she and Gong Yoo were seen hanging out on the beach together one night. After not responding to the rumors for a protracted time, Ahn Soo Hee finally commented on the news of her closeness to Gong Yoo when she was a guest star on the program Please make sure of My Refrigerator.

In the episode Please make sure Of My Refrigerator, the hosts mentioned that they heard a rumor linking Ahn So-hee to Gong Yoo. “We heard that somebody saw you and Gong Yoo spending the entire night walking together on the beach,” said the host. Ahn So-hee then admitted that it had been true that she and Gong Yoo visited the beach. However, she quickly clarified that they weren’t alone.

So, apparently, the dating rumor wasn’t true.

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