Do you know F(x) comeback?

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Do you know F(x) comeback? Amber Liu is ready for her comeback, which made her fans excited! Are you expected to her comeback? 

On October 29, once more the singer spoke to her fans through her official social media channels. In her post, she made an apology for the delays caused by recent unfortunate events. Just a period of time before, the singer and songwriter took to her official Twitter and Instagram accounts. Because of the devastating loss of her former groupmate Sulli, Amber announced all her activities were on hold.

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At that point, Amber was gearing up to release her latest single, “Other People”. However, because of the sad news about Sulli, Amber had to postpone her schedule and returned to Korea. She already flew back to US on October 23 after Sulli’s memorial.

Amber added that she plans to try to to the “X Tour” early in 2020. Additionally, her latest album will likewise be released within the first week of November. She closed her statement by thanking fans for awaiting her. She also thanked them for his or her understanding and for cheering for her.

Amber debuted together with the five members of the K-pop girl group f(x) in 2009. f(x) was formed under SM Entertainment, with whom Amber parted ways within September. Since then, she signed a contract with wire wool Entertainment within US. She likewise announced her global activities shortly after but had to place them on hold.

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