Do you know FIESTAR members made no money during 6-year carrer?

Former FIESTAR member Yezi confesses that the group made no money — during their 6-year career. Poor them!

Former FIESTAR member Yezi sat down with Recent Olympics on YouTube to speak about her life as a former girl group member. One in every one of the topics that Yezi discussed was the group’s lack of recognition compared to their fellow girl groups, which led to people’s inability to acknowledge them publicly.

“People didn’t know that Cao Lu unnie, me, and also the other members were in one group. they’d often say, ‘is that her?’ Even once we would do music shows, we’d on our thanks to the printed and other people often say I resembled the ‘crazy dog’ (her nickname from ‘Unpretty Rapstar.’)”— Yezi

Yezi also discussed the group’s overall regrets, as they believed they never have to be compelled to boast their full potential.

“We were unable to point out of our potential as a team so we had lots of regrets.” — Yezi

The former girl group member then shared the reality behind FIESTAR’s disbandment and the way it wasn’t as shocking because it seemed.

“Honestly, we knew at heart that our label was longing a troublesome time. We also knew that we were failing to garner a positive response whenever we’d promote. So when our contracts expired, we just decided to part ways beautifully….” — Yezi

She continued to touch on the group’s disbandment by discussing how she felt about those that blamed the members on their unpopularity.

“There were times when people would blame us saying ‘you guys didn’t make it because you guys didn’t exert enough.’ But we worked really hard. We poured our youth into it, but we would have liked to realize results and that we weren’t ready to. During those times, once we would hear ‘it’s because you guys didn’t work for it,’ it made us really sad.” — Yezi

With this subject, the discussion of the group’s salary came up, to which Yezi had a heartbreaking confession.

“Since we didn’t have any popularity, we weren’t able to make any money. We didn’t make any money. Zero.” — Yezi

FIESTAR was a 6-member girl group that was formed by IU‘s label, Kakao M (formerly referred to as LOEN Entertainment.) the ladies made their debut on August 31, 2012, with their single album titled, Vista, which led to some commercial success. And while members Cao Lu and Yezi saw some individual success, with Cao Lu gaining attention for her bubbly personality on variety programs and Yezi for her appearance on Unpretty Rapstar, the remainder of FIESTAR was unable to imitate.

After 6 years of constant promotions and therefore the departure of 1 of their members, the girl group disbanded in 2018 following their contract expirations.

What any eye-opening discussion shared by Yezi. you’ll watch the whole interview down below.

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