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Do you know EXO’s Kai girlfriend now? Let’s check!

Kai Girlfriend: Who is EXO Kai Dating? Let’s check information and news about his love stories!

EXO‘s Kai is certainly the ladies’ man. He’s so handsome and irresistible that it is not hard to know why such an enormous amount of ladies have fallen dotty with him. Being an element of 1 all-told the foremost successful K-pop boy group means your fans are always looking to go looking out if you have got got a girlfriend or if you’re dating. this can be often no different for this EXO member. Fans are always asking: “Who is EXO Kai Dating? Does Kai have a girlfriend? “

Who is Kai Dating?

Over the past few years, Kai has been in an exceedingly few relationships. There are some rumors, but Kai has only had two confirmed girlfriends: f(x)’s Krystal and BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

Kai and Krystal

kai girlfriend

Krystal can be a member of the K-pop girl group f(x) under SM Entertainment. She joined the company around the same time as Kai which they quickly became friends. They spent many it slow together in their free time and had a decent Sunbae-Hoobae relationship. But, over time, they began to possess feelings for each other and commenced dating.

Kai and Krystal started dating in 2016. Interestingly, their relationship was well-received by fans everywhere. Netizens were happy to concentrate thereto Krystal is Kai’s girlfriend. They even got their own couple’s name: Kaistal. Unfortunately, the couple called it quits after some year because they will not maintain the link with their busy schedule. Kai and Kristal are still good friends and still support each other.

Kai and Jennie

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As it is a part of their tradition to reveal a replacement couple every twelvemonth, in 2019 Dispatch reported that Kai and Jennie were dating. They even showed pictures showing Jennie leaving her house and getting in Kai’s car while trying to avoid being recognized.

YG entertainment initially denied the report. Later, SM Entertainment released promulgation saying that Kai “has a romantic interest in her”. YG then released promulgation saying that they weren’t conscious of the link.

Some netizens weren’t happy. A pair of BLACKPINK fans uploaded pictures and videos of themselves destroying their BP CDs to express how they felt about Jennie and Kai’s relationship. They didn’t similar to the concept that Jennie and Kai were dating. Other fans couldn’t believe that Jennie was Kai’s girlfriend. Days later, they were still posting tweets expressing their disbelief. However, some people were happy that Kai and Jennie were during a very relationship. They even started the word EXOPINK to suggest their support for the couple.

Even though the report about the couple was revealed on January 1, 2019, it appears that Kai and Jennie had been dating for months before. They both attended Paris Fashion Week in 2018 which they both posted similar pictures at the tower on a usual apart suggesting that they’d frolicked together.


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Fans also started finding other clues that indicate that the Kai and Jennie dating news shouldn’t have come as a surprise to the world. for example, in December 2018, EXO’s manager started following Jennie on Instagram. Second, they both had matching bear accessories that they carried around. They often took pictures doing similar poses. and ultimately, Jennie named her dog Kai. The clues were certainly there.

kai girlfriend

However, the link did not last long. After just 4 months of dating, Kai and Jennie broke up. Both idols expressed that their schedule was too busy which they couldn’t find time to figure out each other. But many folks believe that the controversies surrounding their relationship were the important reason for his or her split. Finally, some people also believe that Kai and Jennie broke up because Jennie isn’t allowed to this point in line with YG entertainment rules.

Who is currently Kai’s girlfriend?

Kai doesn’t have a girlfriend currently. There haven’t been any rumors or reports of him dating anyone since his relationship with Jennie. Therefore, Kai is single.

EXO Kai’s Ideal Type

Kai isn’t dating but I do know that you just are probably wondering if he features a particular type. Kai’s ideal type is Han Ye Seul. this is often a very simple answer but it also says that he encompasses an awfully specific type and he knows what he wants and what he likes. After learning about Kai’s past girlfriends, we are able to definitely see some similarities. He must adore natural brunettes who don’t seem to be short but also not too tall and who are also slim.

Did you recognize that Kai dated Krystal from f(x)? Were surprised to look at Kai and Jennie’s dating history? Let me know in the comments.

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