Do you know Big Bang’s T.O.P’s love life?

Big Bang’s T.O.P reveals his criteria for an ideal girlfriend and how many exes he had!

Who doesn’t know Big Bang? The group rightfully called The King of K-pop, detonation continues to be one among the most important names within the entire K-pop music industry. One of Big Bang’s most prominent members is T.O.P. Born with the name Choi Seung-hyun and popularly known by the pseudonym T.O.P, he has great popularity not only within South Korea but across the globe. along with his beauty, deep singing voice, and good acting, there’s little question he has won a lot of hearts. Many of his fans are interested in what his ideal type is. Who is his ideal girlfriend? understand below!

It’s no secret, among explosion fans, T.O.P is far and away from the foremost reserved and personal out of the five members and frequently prefers to not discuss his sexual activity publicly, stating “I have few relationships since I became a singer, and that I have not introduced my girlfriend even to my closest friends. Because I’m a personage who is often exposed to people, I’ve got to require extra look after my girlfriend. I’m at an age of high energy, but now I would like to concentrate more on my work,” as reported by ArticleBio.

During a group discussion for the key Message, a 2015 global web drama, T.O.P took the time to answer questions from reporters. He revealed that his busy schedule leaves little time for him to this point.

However, he had already revealed his ideal type during a few interviews.

According to 100 Q&A by Japanese Magazine the tv, June 2010 edition, when asked about what’s his ideal bride, T.O.P answered “A one that can get together with me. an individual who understands me.” And, when asked about which part of the perfect girl would naturally attract his attention, he bluntly answered “Her face.” And, when asked about what reasonably clothes he wants his date to wear, he answered, “A suit because I’m wearing a suit furthermore.” Well, it seems his ideal type should look elegant and charismatic.

According to Sports Chosun, T.O.P even stated his ideal variety of girls should be wise and mild, “If she is in a position to steer me to a higher place and point me to the correct direction, then she would be the proper person. I prefer the role of a devotee, although sometimes, I might wish to lead too.”

According to Kpopmusic, on June 06, 2011, an explosion appeared on SBS’s Night After Night, a Monday night show, and every one of the members revealed their ideal types. T.O.P revealed that he doesn’t have a particular ideal type, but he wants her to be a match with him, realistic, and able to lead him to a decent line as he will learn from her. He said that his ideal type should have manners and be very respectful to others, especially to adults.

When T.O.P appeared on MBC’s Radio Star on December 28, 2016, he revealed that he only dates women who don’t drink, “I prefer to drink, but I favor women who don’t drink. But, they can’t stand me. I once dated a woman who likes to drink. We dated for 3-4 years, but I had no memories of her. thanks to alcohol, we always blacked out. Since that, I try and date girls who don’t drink. But, once I drink, I shut down my phone.”

In 2016, Kpopmap revealed what his ideal type is:

  1. More innocent-looking than chic.
  2. Someone sexy.
  3. Someone who openly laughs along with her whole heart.
  4. Someone who speaks beautifully (no cursing).
  5. Someone stylish, dresses/accessorizes well, polite, well mannered, and calm.
  6. Someone with a defined facial expression.
  7. Someone nice to everyone in her surroundings.
  8. Someone who doesn’t hold a grudge.
  9. Someone who features a nice feel.
  10. Someone who he can learn from.
  11. Someone with a special sense than him.

On September 16, 2015, many fans had an opportunity to send out their personal questions when T.O.P was doing a live stream on V Live App. one amongst his fans asked about his ideal type. T.O.P replied that he prefers someone who is straightforward, feminine, and possesses some qualities that he doesn’t. And, when his fans asked further about his dislikes of a few females, T.O.P said that he doesn’t need a girlfriend who is just too engaged and meddles within the business of others, further clarifying that he prefers someone with personality instead of style. “When I used to be young, I did have some fantasy, like long hair or an innocent girl, but now I would like to search out a devotee who is like-minded,” he said. When fans asked about the best age of the girl, he responded, “Not older than my mom and not a minor. I don’t really care about the age.”

T.O.P’s Ex-Girlfriend

T.O.P revealed a tidbit about his past romances. At the conference for the key Message, he stated, “I have barely had three relationships within the past ten years.”

There are photos meet the net of T.O.P with the girl who is taken into account his ex-girlfriend. T.O.P even dedicated the song “Act like Nothing’s Wrong” to his ex-girlfriend. The girl is that the one who introduced him to YG Entertainment and gave his demo to G-Dragon. But, so as to not affect his career, the girl chose to depart him afterward. So, T.O.P wrote the song for her, as reported by’s Instagram account.

“She was 5 years older than me. once I was young, I had a really heavy heart. To be honest, I liked her plenty. But, I didn’t have any confidence in myself. I assumed that if she were to search out I used to be in high school, she would be disappointed in me,” T.O.P revealed on one in all MBC’s variety shows in 2008. When asked about how long they were together, he answered carefully, “One year.” Then, he stated, “Pictures of me and her are going around online. She has been exposed on the net. I used to be very angry once I saw that those pictures were published. I understand that as a star, I do not have a non-public life. But, she isn’t a star, and we’re not currently in a very relationship, and yet she was still littered with all this due to me.”

There are several rumors that T.O.P was romantically linked to an actress. She is Shin Min-ah, South Korean actress and model. T.O.P met Shin Min-ah as a dongsaeng-noona relationship. They got closer through T.O.P’s sister who could be a close friend of Shin Min-ah. in step with the actual fact, on April 30, 2008, T.O.P was seen taking off of Shin Min-ah’s apartment. During the last month of 2007, their dongsaeng-noona relationship blossomed into a gentle love relationship. They secretly met a minimum of once every week, and on April 10 and 18, 2008, Shin Min-ah was on the move trying to fulfill with T.O.P. When she didn’t have a busy schedule, she would attend T.O.P’s entertainment company building and pick him up. after they met, their cars were tinted black so that they could spend quality time together, as reported by the actual fact.

According to 8Days, back in 2008, T.O.P was also sent to the hospital after a drug overdose. Media reports then claimed that the rapper had attempted suicide due to his break-up with then-rumored flame Shin Min Ah. T.O.P’s suicide attempt was on the news, and it had been widely speculated that the corporate merely covered it up by saying that his hospitalization was thanks to exhaustion.

In November 2014, on TCAST’s Brave Reporters, a reporter revealed a story of a couple of top stars who were very talked-about among female celebrities, and top star A was dating B. Apparently, B’s popularity came from a sponsor she had. She wasn’t asked to serve service for her sponsor, and she or he had a decent relationship with him. The sponsor heard about B’s relationship with A and got mad. The sponsor slapped B. Unfortunately, A discovered it and also got mad. They ended up calling it off, but A still loved B. Whenever he got drunk, he texted B, but B strictly refused A’s appeal. A kept calling B endlessly. A came to try to do a critical act- he tried committing suicide. Fortunately, A was found by his manager and therefore the incident was bound up with no problem, as reported by Pann via Kpopkfans. Many fans speculated that this report was about T.O.P and Shin Min-ah.

But, representatives of their companies categorically denied the dating rumor. YG Entertainment, the corporate from T.O.P’s side, stated that it’s true that TOP and Shin Mina are good friends but there was a misconception. Shin Min-ah’s management company also simply stated that this rumor is groundless.

After the dating rumor between T.O.P and Shin Min-ah, there was a dating rumor between T.O.P and Jung Krystal from f(x) which broke move into 2014. A Korean media outlet reported an idol dating scandal from different companies. T and S, as stated within the hints, made netizens speculated that T is T.O.P and S is Jung Soojung, the 000 name of Krystal. the excitement came from netizens who found “evidence” of their relationship supported Instagram posts on both T.O.P and Krystal’s personal accounts. Netizens found that T.O.P uploaded a photograph within the same place as Krystal’s photo.

When uploading the photo, T.O.P wrote, “Go to my furniture storage. Goodbye Murano,” as quoted by Instiz on September 2015. some months before T.O.P posted the photo, Krystal also uploaded a photograph that featured views of the river and building. After noticing carefully, it clad that the photo had the identical angle and building as T.O.P’s photo. The post from Krystal’s Instagram can still be seen now. However, the post from T.O.P’s Instagram doesn’t exist now.

About the dating rumor between T.O.P and Jung Krystal, there was also a netizen who commented to Nate News that he saw another woman named Soojung who is commonly mistaken for Krystal in Hannam-dong, Seoul, a pair of times, and she’s really cute and female, a mixture between Park Bo-young and Jung Yoo-mi, as reported by Netizenbuzz. However, either side have kept silent about the dating rumors. So, we don’t know, did they date or not? And, was it Krystal or the opposite girl with the identical name Soojung?

On December 28, 2016, T.O.P appeared on MBC’s Radio Star, and he revealed juicy details about his making love. “Since I used to be 19, I’ve got dated exactly three people. Nobody knows the one I had a ‘some’ with. Right now, I’m single,” he explained.

Previously, there was a former female trainee that was arrested in March 2017 for using marijuana, and within the middle of her confession, she reportedly mentioned T.O.P’s name which prompted the police to research further.

And, after the investigation, the police officially indicted him without detention on March 05, 2017, on charges of smoking marijuana after positive follicle drug test results, as reported by RojakDaily.

It was leaked that T.O.P was dating the previous female trainee when he smoked marijuana along with her, but he broke up along with her shortly at the moment and stopped smoking marijuana, as reported by Hype. He admitted to smoking marijuana in his home with Han, as reported by The Coverage.

On June 29, 2017, T.O.P was sentenced to 2 years of probation for smoking marijuana, and through the court hearing, T.O.P’s lawyer stated that the idol was under mental distress and drunk when he spontaneously decided to smoke along with his former girlfriend, as reported by Hype.

On July 20, 2017, the Seoul Central District Court sentenced T.O.P to a 10-month suspended jail sentence for drug use after finding him guilty of smoking marijuana.

The former female trainee who smoked with T.O.P is Han Seo-hee who was born in 1995. She is 8 years younger than T.O.P. Han Seo-hee was a trainee at multiple companies and auditioned multiple times to be a K-pop idol, but she had reportedly taken drugs to address the strain of not having the ability to debut, as reported by Koreaboo.

On September 24, 2017, during an Instagram live broadcast, Han Seo-hee shared that she was during a relationship with T.O.P, but it had been him that approached her first through a mutual lover who is older than her. you’ll watch her stream below!

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