Do you know Big Bang’s T.O.P trendy hair?

Big Bang’s T.O.P’s hair evolution: What’s his best and worst hairstyles?

As a member of the worldwide famous South Korean boy group, Big Bang, T.O.P has got to look attractive at every event that he appears at. It’s not unusual to determine that he alters his hairstyle for each Big Bang’s comeback, often picking experimental styles which can not look appealing when others try them. during this article, Xenews will explore all of massive Bang’s T.O.P’s hairstyles, still as some tutorials that you just might need for future reference, so keep reading!

Big Bang’s T.O.P’s Hairstyle

In the time period of his debut, Big Bang’s T.O.P once had relatively long hair compared to the same old hair length that the general public and fans are accustomed seeing. Slightly shaded in dark purple, he also had an extended fringe that covered his right eye, which suits his mysterious image because of the rapper of the group.

In the second picture, T.O.P looks fresh in his mint green hair. the perimeters of his hair totally stop, whereas his fringe is spread around his forehead. Though his hair is dyed mint green, T.O.P still kept his eyebrows brown which went well together with his hairstyle.

The Big Bang member rocked white-blond hair during one in every of the group’s performances. together with the black leather jacket that he wore thereon day, T.O.P looks stunning along with his fairly lengthy blond hair, because the top of his head looks thick whereas his fringe is long and almost covered his right eye.

The performer attended a proper event in a very suit, while having dual-tone hair in hazel brown and black. like the previous look, T.O.P has long bangs that nearly cover his right eye. additionally, we are able to see a touch little bit of black on the underside layers and back of his hair.

Big Bang’s T.O.P altered his hair color again, now to pale purple. Despite its rough surface look (which we suspect is thanks to the frequent color-changing), T.O.P’s hair remains grown come in a healthy state, as you’ll be able to see from his usual long bangs.

In the still cut of his working project, Big Bang’s T.O.P looks macho together with his hair dyed an ash brown. Slightly different from his usual haircut, the upper a part of T.O.P’s hair has been cut in zigzag shape, giving it that messy shape. On the opposite hand, his fringe are shorter compared to the long fringe that always blocked his sight.

Finally, within the last picture, Big Bang’s T.O.P still looks great, even in shocking pink hair. His fringe is swept to the correct, whereas the crown looks stylishly untidy. What surprised fans was his little sideburns since he’s never grown them out before this.

Big Bang’s T.O.P’s Blue Hair

Back in 2012, Big Bang’s T.O.P’s appearance got plenty of hype because of his minty, greenish-blue hair. As detonation did continuous comebacks from Bad Boy to Fantastic Baby, the fans and also the general public need to see T.O.P in his blue hair. In some internet forums, netizens even dubbed him an imaginary creature, who had the same hairstyle. many of us said that not everyone would be able to attain that shocking hair color, “All is because of his handsome face. He really suits any style”. Here you’ll see another picture of massive Bang’s T.O.P in his blue hair!

Big Bang’s T.O.P’s Hairstyle Tutorial

Due to his popularity, many folks want to imitate Big Bang’s T.O.P because the styles look manly and suit both formal and casual occasions. within the first video below, we get to determine Silkhaar Studio, an overseas salon, who tried out T.O.P’s hairstyle on one in every one of their Asian customers.

On the opposite hand, a male makeup guru named RickyKAZAF did a challenge to imitate T.O.P’s blue hair.

Lastly, a South Korean influencer named Joseph also did an easy tutorial of T.O.P’s pale blond hair.

Well, what does one give some thought to these tutorials, dear readers? Whose tutorial does one just like the most?

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