Do you know all of Jaejoong’s tattoos?

Cover - Do you know all of Jaejoong's tattoos?

Do you know all of Jaejoong’s tattoos? Are you excited and expected to know these? Today, let’s discover with Xenews!  

Did you recognize that JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Has Tattoos? learn What and Why Here!

For some people, tattoos are accustomed express what they need to mention, what they believe, things that they’re thankful for, or things that they don’t want to forget. It’s identical for Kim Jaejoong. He has over 10 tattoos up to now on his body, some of which fans know they aspiring to and a few they don’t.

The tattoos are beat places that individuals barely see, so, sometimes, it’s hard to note. But, if you saw his concerts or his photoshoots where he would sometimes take his refill, you’d see them clearly since most of them are on his back. He once said in an Elle interview that he craved tattoos on his body to present many things.

“As I’ve lived my life until now, the items that I don’t want to forget, the items that i used to be thankful for, and also the things that I used to be sorry about.”

Kim Jaejong talked about his tattoos at interview

He first made his first tattoo in 2005, in the city of USA along with his JYJ member, Park Yoochun. The primary tattoo that he carved in was TVfXQ Soul.

Pic 1 - Do you know all of Jaejoong's tattoos?

I think this tattoo doesn’t need any explanation. Since he made it in 2005, when he was still a member of TVXQ, it surely represents his group and the way he feels about it.

The tattoo next thereto is the following. it absolutely was seen for the primary time by fans on September 13, 2008, at a Shanghai concert. It’s written as “The pleasure of the mighty are the tears of the poor.” and on the correct is “A song will outlive all sermons within the memory”. there’s also a tattoo just under the word TVfXQ Soul which is written as “Hope to the end”. It’s said that these tattoos are dedicated to his members and fans.

At first, both the tattoos on his right and left-back didn’t have any wings design on them. Then on October 10, 2008, fans noticed them oh the primary time. it absolutely was at the Seoul Drama Awards performance, that the wings were apparent to the public’s eyes. you’ll see in the image above that both of the tattoos have wings, and seems the wings were designed by Jaejoong himself!

The tattoo within the middle of his back

And if you are taking a glance closely, you’ll see that there’s a tattoo within the middle of his back, too. It’s first shown in JYJ MAHALO Photobook in Hawaii, so he probably made it after their “Unforgettable” concert in Japan (October 15-October 16, 2011). The tattoo is in German, “Ohne Glauben bist du tot” which implies, without faith, you’re dead.

Just below after his German tattoo, there’s his birthday written in Roman numbers. If it’s unclear, there may be a full tattoo on his back.

Pic 2 - Do you know all of Jaejoong's tattoos?As mentioned before, he has had his birthday’s date written slightly below the German tattoo. The Roman numbers mean “0126 0204”. And at both of its sides, there are his members’ names, “MICKY” on its left, which suggests Park Yoochun, as Micky is Yoochun’s nom de guerre when he was in TVXQ. And on its right side, there’s “JUNSU”.

The tattoo of his member’s names was probably made before October 30, 2010. He said that it had been a memorial for his or her debut as JYJ.

The tattoo on his front!

The tattoo on his right chest was made at Tatist together with his member, Park Yoochun on May 5, 2008. It’s written, “Always Keep the Faith”. He said within the ELLE interview, that “The ‘Always Keep the Faith’ tattoo I’ve got on the front represents my desire to guard my beliefs.”

Right above the “Always Keep the Faith” tattoo, there’s another tattoo, which is “Deferto Neminem”. it absolutely was taken from Shakespeare’s Helmet quote, which suggests “Accuse no Man”. it had been first seen on October 2nd, 2009 at MIROTIC concert in Shanghai.

Apart from the tattoos that are mentioned before, he still has many tattoos left in his body, which unfortunately fans still have no idea what’s the history and meaning behind them. Here are the photos of his tattoos that haven’t been mentioned.

Pic 3 - Do you know all of Jaejoong's tattoos?

Here you’ll see that there’s a tattoo on his left chest also. It’s still unclear if that’s words or simply a mere picture.

He also often made fake tattoos by having them painted for concerts only. Here are some photos of his non-permanent tattoos

Pic 4 - Do you know all of Jaejoong's tattoos?

Pic 5 - Do you know all of Jaejoong's tattoos?

Nowadays, fans began to also notice that he carved other tattoos but still doesn’t have any idea the meaning behind them. Some just left him be, but some also questioning his taste and are wondering what does he mean by carved these tattoos. Let’s take a glance at these questionable tattoos that fans were talking about.

Pic 6 - Do you know all of Jaejoong's tattoos?This tattoo was shared on Shy Young Kim’s Instagram on Lincoln’s Birthday, 2017. He also made 2 small tattoos on his both arms.

Pic 7 - Do you know all of Jaejoong's tattoos?

See that little one on his right arm? There’s also a melody note-of-sort on his mitt, near his thumb. Some people said that they’re all just random, but some people thought that it must have some meaning somehow since Jaejoong wont to say that each tattoo on his body contains an aspiring to him.

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