Do you know 5 Korean stars perform stunts without cascadeur?

5 Korean stars perform stunts without cascadeur: Jeon Ji Hyun is simply too bold but still “loses” the last person!

These actors show their professionalism by not using stuntmen in difficult scenes. Using stuntmen is understandable, especially for most actors, after they must ensure their health so the progress of the film isn’t affected. However, on the Korean screen, there are still famous actors who perform dangerous scenes by themselves, without the assistance of stuntmen, and even injure themselves to form the scene more realistic.

1. Jeon Ji Hyun

During her career, Jeon Ji Hyun has tried persistently with action movies. The Thieves starring Kim Soo Hyun is one in every one of them. within the movie, Jeon Ji Hyun has quite a lot of action scenes, especially scenes of swinging rope, and running from building to assembling because her character could be a super thief. one of the scenes within the movie was done by the “auntie” herself. Specifically, during this scene, Jeon Ji Hyun jumped from the balcony to the downstairs by herself, the glass of wine in her hand was still intact, and her expression didn’t show any fear. When knowing this information, the audience must be in awe because the actress overdosed.

jeon ji hyun

2. Jo Jung Suk

In the movie Jealousy Incarnate, Jo Jung Suk plays the role of Lee Hwa Shin, a preferred television announcer who suddenly finds himself in an exceedingly tragic comedy when he discovers that he has carcinoma. Additionally, to have to wear a bra sort of a woman, Jo Jung Suk also had to perform a breast examination scene with “real” medical equipment. And rather than just acting, during this scene, Jo Jung Suk actually participated in the test. During the conference to release the film, he shared, “I really took part in the examination. it had been very painful.”

jo jung suk

3. Jung Woo Sung

The Good, The Bad, The Weird maybe a movie with plenty of action scenes, chases, and gunfights and Jung Woo Sung did most of the action scenes himself. one among them is galloping, spinning the gun. In many movies, actors often ride fake horses or use stunts, but during this scene, Jung Woo Sung confidently gallops very quickly, turning the gun very skillfully.

jung woo sung

4. Park Shin Hye

Even though Park Shin Hye has been acting for a protracted time, she is usually criticized that she refuses to alter herself, preferring only safe and mild roles. Few expected that she would dare to perform heavy action scenes in the movie Doctors. within the drama, Park Shin Hye plays a talented doctor with a delicate appearance but extremely rebellious inside. Additionally, in the present action scene, she also had to act in many surgical and bloody scenes.

park shin hye

5. Lee Jun Ki

Lee Jun Ki is known as a reckless actor who doesn’t hesitate to perform difficult scenes. within the movie time period, he plays a person accused of murder and needs to spend 2 weeks to prove his innocence. With this role, Lee Jun Ki had to perform many action scenes, there was even a scene where the character was buried under a rock. The audience was surprised that Lee Jun Ki did this scene by himself rather than employing a stunt, even an image. He once shared that he was very scared of endangering his life when filming this scene.

“There was an episode where my character was buried in layers of rock. once I saw the staff preparing the scene, I started to fret. I used to be also afraid that if I didn’t do it well, I would die. I’ll just go down there. Luckily, I used to be teamed up with the knowledgeable crew, so everything went well.” – the actor surnamed Lee excitedly recounted.

lee jun ki

Only Lee Jun Ki’s nose is exposed from the ground

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