Do you how many new kpop groups debuted in 2021?

44 new K-Pop groups are set to debut in 2021. It’s extremely so many, let’s know them more below!

Every year the globe of K-Pop blesses us with newly debuting groups. 2021 is not any different and there are a variety of K-Pop groups which have made their debut and a few that also should debut.

If you’re curious to find out about the groups which have made their debut in 2020, see more below.

So far in 2021, Kpopmap has noticed that there is a minimum of 26 groups confirmed to form their debut and that we will still update this text so stay tuned to us!


PURPLE KISS was set to create their debut because of the latest group from RBW Entertainment. Previously, in Nov. 2020, the ladies had released one to mark that their debut is going on soon.

Update: They debuted on March 15 the album “Into Violet”.

2. Ciipher

CIIPHER has faces that you simply will certainly find familiar! The members had previously appeared on “Produce X 101”, “YG Treasure Box” so on.

They are also the group which RAIN had produced.

Update: They debuted on March 15 with the album “I Like You”.

3. T1419

Known as the limited brothers of MOMOLAND, the boys are visiting to make their debut in 2021 too!

UPDATE: They debuted on Jan. 11 with their single album “‘BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 1′”.


The boy group JUST B is that the first boy group of Bluedot Entertainment. It includes Lim JiMin from SBS “The Fan”, Geonu from Mnet’s “I-LAND” and JM, DY, and Bain from MBC “Under Nineteen”, and SangWoo. The debut album consists of the title song “Damage” written and composed by B.A.P’s Bang YongGuk, “Get Away”, and “My Way” within which member Bain participated in composing.

Update: They made their debut on June 30 with the album “Just BURN”.

5. SM new boy group

Similar to the media report mentioned earlier, it had been expected that SM Entertainment are going to be debuting a brand new boy group that has their own universe and story to inform. While the agency had barely debuted aespa back in November 2020, it’s unsure once they are going to be putting out the new boy group.

Update: SM Entertainment has been within the process of holding auditions to search out new members for his or her boy group. There’s no confirmed information about who the members are, yet.


Famous producer, Shinsadong Tiger, had partnered with Universal Music to debut an upcoming girl group, TRI.BE! it absolutely was reported that they’ll be set to debut the new group in February. As of now, nothing much about the group is released yet.

Update: They debuted on Feb. 17 with single ‘TRI.BE Da Loca’.

7. Big Hit Japan new boy group

Are you a loyal viewer of “I-LAND”? If you’re, you’d definitely remember these 5 trainees who had made their appearance on the audition program. Consisting of K, Nicholas, Taki, EJ, and KyungMin for now, Big Hit Japan is currently seeking more trainees to affix the team. it’s still unsure what percentage of members they might have in total.


Here is an upcoming 7-member boy group set to debut in February! they’re under GF Entertainment and are teasing fans with concept photos and also their music video teaser.

Who else couldn’t look ahead to their official debut?

Update: They debuted on Feb. 18 with the album “History of Kingdom: Part I. Arthur”.


It looks like DSP is finally debuting a brand new boy group! you’d recall Son DongPyo who had previously appeared in Mnet “Produce X 101”. he’s confirmed to be a part of the lineup and also the boy group will carry with it a complete of seven boys.

It was also rumored that they may be called “Future Boys” or “Mirae SoNyeon” and getting to debut within the half of 2021.

Update: They debuted on Saint Patrick’s Day with the album “Killa”.

10. NTX

NTX was originally set to debut in January this year but it absolutely was announced by their agency that they had to delay it to March thanks to COVID-19. While that’s being said, fans are looking forward to their debut and hope to work out them as soon as possible!

Update: They debuted on March 30 with the album “Full of Lovescapes.”

11. WM new girl group (speculated)

It is about time WM Entertainment debut their new girl group and lots of fans are speculating that there’s an awfully high chance that they may include IZ*ONE’s ChaeYeon.

As of now, nothing is confirmed.

12. Billlie

Back in 2020, Mystic Entertainment had released profile pictures of their trainees, also referred to as Mystic Girls. The Mystic girl group consists of six Japanese trainees. The group also includes Kim SuHyun, who was loved for her role as bright and cheerful high school girl Yeo BoRam within the web drama “A-TEEN”, and Moon Sua, a former participant of “Unpretty Rap Star 2” and called ASTRO MoonBin’s sister. While many thought they’d debut in 2020, fans were disappointed after they realized that their debut didn’t happen.

Update: Mystic Story has confirmed that they’re going to debut in November as a 6-member girl group. 

13. Belift I-land 2 new girl group

When Mnet “I-LAND” ended last year, they gave a preview that the program will return with a season 2. it absolutely was also said that the 2nd season will incorporate female trainees and aim to debut the group in 2021.

During the briefing for large Hit Labels earlier, it absolutely was also mentioned that Belift Lab is attending to debut the new girl group in 2021.

Currently, it’s still unsure when the 2nd season of the show will happen.

14. Kep1er

At the beginning of the year, Mnet mentioned that they’re going to be launching a brand new project to form a brand new girl group with members from Korea, Japan, and China called “GIRLS PLANET 999”. 

While they’re still recruiting participants until mid-February, it’s still unsure once they are going to be broadcasting the primary episode and eventually debuting the new group.

Update: the ultimate debut group has been chosen. Their name is Kep1er. They’ll debut on Dec. 14.

Read up about a number of netizens’ favorite contestants on the show thus far. you’ll also see a number of the foremost viewed performances from the primary few episodes.

15. PIXY

PIXY may be a girl group that consists of 6 members and can be making its debut on Feb. 24. you may recognize the previous Cherry Bullet member, MiRae, who is now called Ella within the group.

They are the girl group formed under All Art Entertainment and Happy Tribe Entertainment.

Update: PIXY made its debut on Feb. 24, 2021, with the digital single ‘Wings’.

16. ATO6

The six models from YGKPlus made their debut with their single ‘Runway’ which was produced by VIINI.

Fans couldn’t help but be interested in them as they’re interested to find out more about each member.

Update: They debuted on Feb 24 with the digital single ‘Runway’.


Former member of ANS, Bian, is reported to be debuting under a replacement girl group, MAJORS.

While the quantity of members and debut date are yet to be announced, many are looking forward to seeing her debut once again!

Update: They debuted as a 6-member group on Mar. 9, 2021, with their single album “The Beginning of Legend”.

18. JN Entertainment boy group

While the 7 boys from JN Entertainment don’t have an officer group name yet, many are looking forward to their debut.

It is unsure once they are debuting as idols but there are already many fans who can’t wait to work out them perform on stage.


Omega X had already begun teasing fans with just a silhouette of the group. they’re said to be a gaggle put together in an ‘Avengers’ manner and encompass members who had previously appeared on audition programs.

Update: They debuted on Jun. 20, 2021, with their first mini-album “Vamos”.

20. W.A.O

Said to debut in late March, the boys from King Top Entertainment are gearing up for his or her debut with the title track ‘On the Fire’.

While not much information about them is offered, K-Pop fans are already getting inquisitive about this new boy group.

Update: They debuted on Apr. 22, 2021.

21. EPEX

It looks like C9 Entertainment is about to debut a replacement boy group soon!

While that they had already released several profiles of their rookies, many couldn’t stay up for them to introduce all of them. As far as we all know Keumfrom Mnet “Produce X 101” is an element of the lineup. they’re going to be having a reality show along with TO1.

Update: They debuted on Jun. 8, 2021, with their first EP “Bipolar Pt.1: Prelude of Anxiety”.


S2 Entertainment is alleged to debut their new girl group in 2021! Some would also know that the CEO of the entertainment company had previously worked under JYP and Cube Entertainment, raising the curiosity of the many about the new girl group that’s set to form their debut.

Update: They debuted on Apr. 28, 2021, with their first album “Issue Maker”.

23. CooKie

Dubbed because the youngest K-Pop group with members having a mean age of 13, Cookie are making their debut on March 15!

Update: They debuted on Mar. 15, 2021, with the digital single ‘I Guess I actually Like You’.


Looks like Cube Entertainment has plans to debut a brand new girl group this year!

With the news released shortly ago, some are wondering if they’d be ready to see familiar faces like Han ChoWon who had previously made her appearance on Mnet “Produce 48”.

Update: They debuted on Jun. 10, 2021, with the one ‘Vanilla’.

25. Cube Entertainment new boy group

Looks like Cube Entertainment has plans to debut a brand new boy group this year!

With the news released shortly ago, some are wondering if they’d be ready to see familiar faces like Yoo SeonHo who had previously made his appearance on Mnet “Produce 101 Season 2”.


Set to debut in May, the 7 boys of BLITZER are gearing up and communicating with their fans through their official social media accounts. As not lots of details are known about the members, many K-Pop fans hope to be told about them within the near future.

Update: They made their debut on May 12, 2021, with their first EP “Check-In”. 


KM Entertainment, a replacement entertainment agency, will launch the seven-member girl group ICHILLIN. It means listeners want to dream and “chillin” while paying attention to ICHILLIN’s music which the seven members who were in numerous places gathered to become ICHILLIN. within the future, various contents, including profiles of every member, are going to be released one by one. they’ll be debuting in August.

Update: ICHILLIN debuted on Sep. 8, 2021 with their first digital single ‘GOT’YA’. 

28. RHEA

IO Entertainment’s five-member girl group “RHEA” is trying to urge closer to fans by using each member’s individuality through the utilization of goddesses’ names for his or her stage names. The title track “TIME TRAVEL” is an early 2000s Euro-pop electric track about returning to normal life before the COVID-19 pandemic.

They will be debuting in August.

Update: they’re scheduled to form their debut at the top of August.

29. LOUD

SBS entertainment program “LOUD” selects two teams to debut in Park JinYoung’s JYP and Psy’s P NATION, respectively. the 2 producers, Park JinYoung and Psy, offer “casting cards” to participants of their choice. they need ten cards each. Participants who are offered a casting offer from both companies will have the choice to settle on the corporate they require.

They will be debuting within the last half of 2021.

Update: the ultimate two groups are selected.

30. W.O.W

A.CONIC’s W.O.W consists of seven members. It includes Kwon TaeEun from Mnet “Produce X 101”, YongHun from MBC “Under Nineteen”, models Joo WonDae and Yoon DaRo, actor Lee PanDo, YooSung from Leon 5, and eventually Jeon SeJin the previous leader of The King who is additionally a rapper, actor, and video director.

Update: They debuted on March 8th with their single album “Miss U”.

31. PoshGirls

PoshGirls, a woman group of eight members from Korea and Japan, debuted. particularly, Japanese member Riona is from the Japanese idol group AKN48 Team8, so expectations are high.

Update: They debuted on Aug. 18, 2021, with the mini-album “S.O.G: Songs Of Goddess”.

32. DIOS

BM Music Label’s DIOS, which suggests “creator” in Spanish, debuted. The members participate altogether the choreography creation and rap making of DIOS’ pre-debut song [Touch Me].

Update: They released a pre-debut single called ‘Touch Me’ on Aug. 21, 2021, but have yet to debut.

33. Hi-L

Hi-L may be a six-member girl group from K-pop Live Entertainment. The debut title song “Too Too (22)” expresses a teenage girl’s young crush with a cool and refreshing melody and sound.

Update: They debuted on Aug. 11, 2021, with the mini-album “Go High”.


MEGAMAX could be a six-member group. The title track, “Painted Love:)” is as hot as a movie, and it leaves a tragic lingering feeling. This makes us forestall to MEGAMAX’s future worldview.

Update: They debuted on Sep. 8, 2021.

35. IVE

Jang WonYoung and An YuJin will make their re-debut as members of Starship Entertainment’s new girl group. Jang WonYoung and An YuJin debuted as girl group IZ*ONE through Mnet’s “Produce 48” in 2018. the remainder of the members will carries with it Starship trainees.

They will be debuting within the last half of 2021. 

Update: The girl group’s name has been announced to be IVE. You’ll follow them on variety of social media platforms. they’ll debut on Dec. 1.

36. bugAboo

bugAboo is that the new girl group that will debut in October under A Team Entertainment. they need not release lots of data about the group except the names of the members and their debut photos. they need also to post some hints. 

Update: They debuted on Oct. 25, 6 PM KST with their single album “bugAboo”.

37. Ferry Blue

Ferry Blue could be a seven-member group that has debuted on Sep. 6 with their song ‘Call My Name’. they’re all members of the K-Pop Music Production department at Paekche Institute of Arts.

Update: They debuted on Sep. 6, 2021. 


LUMINOUS may be a four-member boy group under WIP Company.

Update: They debuted on Sep. 9, with their first mini-album “YOUTH”. 

39. HYBE’s New Girl Group

HYBE and BigHit Labels are said to be acting on multiple groups to debut. this can be one amongst them. This girl group is about to debut within the half of 2021 but a selected date has not been given yet. 


INTER BOYS could be a pre-debut 7-member boy group under Interpark Music Plus. they’re said to be debuting sometime in 2021.

41. 05Class

05Class could be a 7-member pre-debut girl group under JPlanet Entertainment. they’re scheduled to debut within the remainder of 2021. The group gets its name from the very fact that each one of the members were born in 2005.

42. Xdinary Heroes

They are an upcoming band under JYP that’s assumed to be debuting either in December of 2021 or early in 2022. The band currently has 6 members.


BABY MONSTER could be a pre-debut group under YG Entertainment. They were announced to be debuting within the fourth quarter of 2021 but their debut date has not been confirmed yet.


VIVIZ may be a 3-member group under BPM Entertainment that consists of three former members of the girl group GFRIEND. The members are SinB, EunHa, and UmJi. The group is anticipated to debut sometime within the remainder of 2021.

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