Do you curious about IZ*ONE’s Jang Won Young make up?

won young make up

IZ*ONE makeup artist reveals how to get makeup styled like Jang Won Young. Let’s check with us right now below!

The makeup artist responsible for makeup styling for IZ*ONE member revealed a way to get makeup done just like the group’s Jang Won Young.

If you have ever wondered how Jang Won Young gets her makeup done, this tutorial is perfect for you.

won young make up

The point about this makeup style that the makeup artist emphasized was raising the tail of the eyes. additionally, the foundation has got to be applied thoroughly all the way down to the chin to line up for the shading process. But when applying foundation, it should be applied through light taps all around.

For the attention makeup, mixing basic eye makeup with a fiery tone in an exceedingly ratio of 2:1 is that the key.

You can try Jang Won Young make up in the video below for more details:

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