Do you choose team Do San or team good boy?

‘Start-Up’ Finale: Who will win? Are you team Do San or team good boy?

One of the foremost talked-about topics within the Korean drama world is tvN’s ongoing drama Start-Up, which premiered last October 17, 2020. The drama brings the viewers into the planet of young entrepreneurs who want to pursue their dreams and become the following big hit within the tech industry. The show has since become a part of the viewer’s weekly routine. The well-written story, realistic locations, and undeniable chemistry of the cast make us drawn into the drama.

Warning! Spoilers are going to be mentioned below!

The story revolves around Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy), who considers Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-hyuk) her first and great love. However, she only knew him through their exchange of letters. She is unaware that the important writer of these letters is Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho).

Fast forward to the instant after they enter Sandbox and start to create their start-up business. The team consists of Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-hyuk), Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy), Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho), and more. this is often when Seo Dal Mi finds herself within the middle of a love triangle with Nam Do-san and Han Ji Pyeong.

Now the thrill builds up for the much-awaited finale, and also the writers of the show create a really complicated story that creates it even harder for fans to settle on who they require Seo Dal Mi to finish up with. Now, the faceoff between two leading men has even created heated debates on different social media platforms. So set things straight, which team are you in, #TeamDosan (Nam Do San) or #TeamGoodBoy (Han Ji Pyeong)? Yes, it’s quite a tough decision to make!

Let us provide you with a brief description of every character below, and perhaps you’ll decide from there!


When Nam Do San appeared within the drama, we instantly see a relatable thespian. He’s a small amount awkward and shy. What’s even worse is that he was unsuccessful, which makes us root for him even more because he’s the underdog we all want to succeed in eventually.

He does his best to form things work between him and Seo Dal Mi.

Though she never experienced being in a very relationship before, he gives his bushed caring for Seo Dal Mi and is incredibly expressive about his real feelings towards her. When Seo Dal Mi discovered that he wasn’t the important one that sent her the comforting letters, he never gives up and does everything he can to be by Dal-mi’s side rather than just walking removed from her life.


Han Ji Pyeong, is starred by the 34-year-old theater actor Kim Seon Ho. he’s a big-time capitalist within the series.

He has experienced the worst but knows the way to turn things around.

Han Ji Pyeong was an orphan and had experienced many struggles in life. However, he managed to show things around and achieve his dreams through exertions and perseverance. he’s the person responsible for those comforting letters and has always been there for Seo Dal-mi.

Han Ji Pyeong is that the man who wrote the letters to Dal Mi disguising as Nam Do San. At first, he wrote them upon request of Seo Dal-mi’s grandmother, Ms. Choi (Kim Hae Sook), but as they continually exchanged letters, he also poured his heart out into every one of them. He was present in Dal Mi’s life ever since. He has been there from the very start without even her realizing it. He is the one who makes sure that she’s okay.

The main reason why most people started watching this drama is thanks to Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy. However, because the story unfolds, we will not help but hope that Dal Mi will find yourself with Han Ji Pyeong.

We are all attentive to the second lead’s fate in every Korean drama. regardless of how good and selfless he’s, still, he will find yourself walking away and letting go of his great love. But maybe, only for once, can a second lead receive the love that he deserves?

How about you? Are you team Do San or team Good Boy? Share your thoughts below!

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