Do Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in break up?

Attention is drawn to Lee Seung-gi, Lee Da-in’s public lover after Lee Da-in’s post indicating their break-up.

On the 4th, Lee Da-in left a text on SNS, “I’m just a girl who’s willing to measure day after day to the fullest. Because it’s your life, and you simply live once. Nobody else lives your life for you. So I’ll bear all the bitterness, and cherish all the happiness in life.”

Those in and out of doors the industry who read the article speculated that she broke up with Lee Seung-gi, her public lover. The 2 said they were lovers in May. Lee Da-in has not had any special activities since the SBS drama ‘Alice’, which led to October last year. On the opposite hand, Lee Seung-gi is continuous his acting including entertainment programs without a possibility. Some within the industry are speculating that the 2 may become estranged because the number of encounters has decreased.

An insider at 9ato Entertainment, Lee Da-in‘s agency, told Star News on Monday that he “doesn’t know much about it.” Hook Entertainment, Lee Seung-gi‘s agency, also stated, “It is difficult to substantiate the reality.“

Meanwhile, fans staged a truck protest against their romantic relationship in May after acknowledging the connection. One of the slogans is “We’ve been protecting you for 17 years. Now it’s Lee Seung-gi’s communicate protect Airen (Lee Seung-gi’s fan club).“

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