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“Diva” Released The First Trailer: Shin Min Ah Discovers Frightening Side To Lee Yoo Young

“Diva” released the first trailer of Shin Min Ah and Lee Yoo Young.

“Diva” is a mystery thriller about Lee Young (played by Shin Min Ah), nicknamed the “diva of the diving world.” After a car accident, madness steadily encroaches upon her as she struggles with memory loss and the disappearance of her best friend Soo Jin (played by Lee Yoo Young).

On August 6, a teaser was shared for the film that begins by showing a scene of Shin Min Ah’s character Lee Young being praised for her perfect diving, while Lee Yoo Young’s character Soo Jin looks on with a dark expression.

"Diva" Released The First Trailer
“Diva” Released The First Trailer Of Shin Min-ah

While Lee Young receives the gold medal as expected, her best friend and fellow diver Soo Jin is always a step behind her, despite how hard she works. The trailer highlights the history of their friendship, mixed in with dark scenes.

A side of Soo Jin that Lee Young had never seen before is revealed bit by bit, and Lee Young slowly falls apart due to madness and ambition.

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Chilling scenes include a finger digging a wound on Lee Young’s forehead deeper, and Soo Jin asking, “Why? Are you like this because you’re worried I’ll take your spot?” It’s clear that fans can look forward to powerful performances from these two actresses in the film.

Check out the trailer below!


Shin Min-a (born Yang Min-a on April 5, 1984) is a South Korean model and actress. She is best known for starring in television dramas A Love to Kill (2005), My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox (2010), Arang and the Magistrate (2012), Oh My Venus (2015), and Tomorrow, With You (2017).

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