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“Diva” Has Revealed Chilling Trailer-Shin Min Ah Is Haunted By Lee Yoo Young

On August 20, The Upcoming Drama “Diva” Has Revealed Chilling Trailer-Shin Min Ah Is Haunted By Lee Yoo Young, It Has Been Driving Fans Mad Curious

“Diva” starring Shin Min Ah and Lee Yoo Young has released its main trailer! The new trailer showcased the interesting acting transformation of Shin Min Ah and Lee Yoo Young, revealing more thrilling scenes to stir viewers’ appetite for the truth.

“Diva” is a mystery thriller about Lee Young (played by Shin Min Ah), nicknamed the “diva of the diving world”. After a car accident, madness steadily encroaches upon her as she struggles with memory loss and the disappearance of her best friend Soo Jin (played by Lee Yoo Young)

The scenes show the beautiful and intense diving of Lee Young. Then, Lee Young at a press conference after a flawless diving performance. Looking into the crowd she can see her best friend Soo Jin walking away.

After their mysterious car accident and Soo Jin missing, Lee Young starts to recollect little by little the truth about Soo Jin’s background and feels haunted by her.

Prior to the car accident, Soo Jin plans to retire but Lee Young encourages her. They compete one last time together. Lee Young got challenged by her coach as he mentioned that her individual performance needs improvement.

Lee Young takes their last dive together, but looks up from the water to see Soo Jin still standing on the diving platform. Soo Jin said, “Even if it’s just one time, I hope you become like me. Why? Are you afraid I’m going to take your place?” as Lee Young tears apart a locked journal. After, Lee Young asks, “Before the accident, what did we talk about?”

As more haunting scenes flash by, Lee Young exclaims, “There’s a Soo Jin that I know nothing about”. Their coach comments, “She must’ve been jealous of you”. Soo Jin remarks, “You of all people have to believe in me”.

Lee Young falls deeper and deeper into madness, and her coach screams, “You said you were different from her. What’s the difference between you and her right now?” She retorts, “Do you see me as Soo Jin?”

Shin Min Ah’s acting ability in her new role as Lee Young with obsession in finding the truth and the desire to be the best draws attention, while Lee Yoo Young depicts Soo Jin with mystery to her life and being a shadow to her best friend gives suspense of what’s the real deal.

Watch the full trailer below!

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“Diva” is set for release this September.

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